Complete Guide To Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung may be a five-hour journey from Yangon, assuming there’s no traffic (which there inevitably will be).There are three buses that run everyday, departing from the Hlaing Thar Yar bus terminal (or more commonly mentioned as Dagon Ayar) in Yangon, leaving at 6:30AM, 7:30AM, and 9:00PM. The bus costs between $10 and $20 USD, takes approximately eight hours, and drops passengers off right in Ngwe Saung village, where most hotels are located. However, it’s important to stay in mind that bus company could also be reduced during season thanks to lack of demand. It’s also worth noting that taking a bus around Myanmar are often a touch uncomfortable because the roads are often in poor condition. Plus, the bus could also be lacking air con , plush seats and a toilet on board, but it’ll all pay off once you find yourself during a beachy paradise.

The alternative to taking a bus is to rent a personal driver to require you all the thanks to Ngwe Saung. this may greatly cut your time period if coming from Yangon, but will run up a steep tag of between $200 – $300 a method . Whatever you are doing , make certain you’re hiring from a reputable service that features a diary of safety and reliability!So you’ve finally arrived in Ngwe Saung and are trying to find things to try to to . While this village is certainly a sleepy and quieter beach town, there’s still plenty to stay you occupied during your stay.First thing’s first: take a while to relax on the beach. Bury your feet within the soft, white sand, take a dip within the ocean, and catch abreast of that novel you’ve been aiming to read. this is often a tremendous place to take in some sun and spend the day lounging around.Plus, since it’s a quieter place, you ought to be ready to find a spot to possess all to yourself! Since you’re right the ocean, you’ll have many opportunities to gorge yourself on some local seafood.

There are plenty of restaurants with beachfront views serving up steaming plates of fish, shrimp, crab and lobster. So whether you’re eating it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, make certain to urge your fill because this is often nearly as good as seafood gets!For some unreal sunset views or simply to stretch your legs after an extended day of relaxing, make your over to nearby Lovers Island for a touch taste of nature during your beach stay.Lovers Island is true next to Ngwe Saung Beach and is accessible by boat or foot. You’re easily ready to hire a speedboat for the fast trip over, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous and therefore the tide is low enough, gander over through the water. Just make certain to observe out for the sharp rocks as you approach the island!As this is often a well-liked spot, you’ll likely encounter many others trying to snap photos of the landscape. But it’s still well worth the walk to the highest to look at a panorama of beach, ocean, and other nearby surroundings.
If you wish the thought of hitting an island while at Ngwe Saung, you’ll head over to Bird Island for more panoramic views. It’s another short trip away but it’s worthwhile once you reach this rocky land.

You can find many locals along the beach to require you over on their boat for a coffee price, otherwise you can book a full tour that has snorkeling from one among the various operators available! Whichever method you select , getting there shouldn’t cost quite a couple of bucks.There’s alittle hike that leads you to the very top to offer you a bird’s eye view of the Bay of Bengal’s turquoise waters as far because the eye can see. On your way down, stop for a fresh coconut and find a quiet place to relax before returning to Ngwe Saung!Another good way to enjoy the environment of Ngwe Saung is by taking a ship tour. Jetting round the open waters is an awesome thanks to explore the world and spend each day with a knowledgeable local guide!You’ll be ready to stop at different nearby islands, hop within the water for a swim, and even snorkel in pristine areas to explore what lives below the surface of the ocean!Some Ngwe Saung boat tours also offer more adventurous activities like banana boating also as fishing, swimming and more. to not mention, most accompany a delicious local lunch included.