Hulk Hogan Spotted Out with New Fiancée Sky Daily After Announcing Engagement

Hulk Hogan and Sky Daily, his new fiancée, are open about their love and her new jewelry. On Thursday, the couple was seen going out for a romantic dinner at Latitude 28 in Clearwater, Florida, after announcing their engagement earlier this week. As Everyday disregarded her hair, her shining wedding band was apparent on her finger.

According to TMZ, the “Hulkster,” 69, said that he “was very nervous” when he proposed to Daily, 45, last week at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

During a discourse at a companion’s wedding throughout the end of the week, the resigned proficient grappler previously shared that he and Day to day are anticipating sealing the deal. ” I requested that Sky wed me, and she was sufficiently insane to say OK, sibling,” Hogan said in a video shared by Day to day on Instagram. Daily, a yoga instructor, and Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, have been together for more than a year.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hogan revealed the engagement news during his speech while the couple were attending the wedding of their friends Sabrina Nova and Corin Nemec.

With his particular blonde handlebar mustache and a dark handkerchief and suit coat to coordinate, the grappler imparted to the visitors how he and Day to day hit it off that portentous evening of their gathering. Hogan had requested a beverage for a gathering of ladies Day to day was associating with and when one of her companions said thanks to him, he inquired, “Who’s the blonde?”

He went on to say in the video, “So I spotted Sky, and we sat down, and we talked.” And afterward when I got in my vehicle, there was simply bang, bang, bang, beat on the window. It horrified me, so I put the window down.” furthermore, tapped on his window to encourage him to go on one more date with Everyday, saying “She’s a decent young lady!” Hogan and Everyday were situated in the first line, just before the lady of the hour, during the wedding.

“It made me mull over ghosting and returning home and never calling,” he said.
According to Hogan, Daily has three children of her own, and he quickly got along with all of them, according to TMZ. Hogan wrote alongside a picture of himself and Daily at the beach three weeks ago: It always appears perfect, as though she has always been here.

The legend of professional wrestling has been married twice before, and his first wife, Linda Hogan, gave birth to two children, Brooke, 35, and Nick, 32. Hogan and Linda were hitched from 1983 until they separated in 2009. In 2010, Hogan wed his second wife, Jennifer McDaniel. However, after nearly 11 years of marriage, Hogan filed for divorce in October 2021. After being seen with Daily, he admitted in 2022 that they had broken up.

The former WWE star tweeted last year, “Yo Maniacs just for the record, the Facebook and Instagram posts are of me and my girlfriend Sky, I am officially divorced.” Sorry I thought everybody definitely knew, love my Maniacs4Life.”

‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Jackie Bonds Reveals She’s Now a ‘Playboy’ Bunny

Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds, star of Love Is Blind, has moved from Netflix to Playboy. The dental collaborator, 27, shared the existence update by means of a screen capture of Playboy’s site on her Instagram Story that she subtitled: ” Check out your newest bunny’s activities. I’m the new [bunny], and I’m me.

Bonds said in her profile for the gentleman’s magazine that she couldn’t “wait” to tell her story and talked about how she found freedom in her s-e-xuality.

She stated, “Se-x-ual Freedom is so important because it allows you to explore what s-e-xually you desire, crave, or just want to experiment.” Bonds started out on season 4 of People in love assume the best where she got drawn into Marshall Coating. After getting into a fight off-camera, the couple had planned to exchange vows and walk down the aisle.

In spite of leaving the unscripted TV drama without a ring, she reconnected with her costar Josh Demas. After the show ended, the couple moved in together and have been dating for over a year. Back in April 2023, Bonds let Individuals know that her one lament from her experience on the Netflix show was not accepting reality for what it is with Demas in the cases before Coating’s engagement proposition.
She acknowledged at the time, “The only regret I do have is that I didn’t have that final conversation with Josh in the pods.” The only thing I regret is that.”

However she and Coating at last wound up heading out in different directions, Bond said that their choice to cancel their commitment was the ideal decision to make.

“What I did was appropriate for me. I was straightforward,” she made sense of. ” Indeed, I was basic in the separation, however perhaps I wasn’t as straightforward in the relationship.”

After the season ended, Bonds and Demas filmed a pre-taped interview with co-host Vanessa Lachey instead of attending the live reunion.

JoJo Siwa Knew She’d ‘Never’ Be Able to ‘Change’ Candace Cameron Bure After ‘Traditional Marriage’ Comments

JoJo Siwa has accepted that she no longer admires Cameron Candace Bure. The 20-year-old Dance Moms alum was ready to end their feud a few months after they got into a public argument last year, but then Bure, 47, made headlines with controversial remarks about “traditional marriage.”
Bure told The Wall Street Journal that the network planned to keep “traditional marriage,” or marriage between a man and a woman, “at the core” of its programming while promoting her position as chief creative officer for the conservative Great American Family channel. Siwa — who is pansexual — had a problem with Bure’s preferred idea of words.

“It was that she [wanted] to do a film about that to put down [the] LGBTQIA [community] and that she planned to explicitly make motion pictures that had no portrayal of LGBTQIA,” she cleared up for Scratch Viall, 42, on his Viall Records webcast.

Siwa continued, “It’s fine if you are doing it because it is just the storyline of your movie and it is what it is, like, not everything needs to be gay essentially.” However, when you say, “Too much is about LGBTQIA, you guys suck, and I want to make a movie about traditional marriage and you’re not traditional,” it got a little bit to me that you were doing it out of spite. She posted a statement to Instagram in November 2022, shortly after stars began to speak out against Bure’s remarks, stating that she loved “fiercely and indiscriminately” and had no intention of offending anyone with her remarks.

“I’m a committed Christian. And that implies that I accept that each person bears the picture of God,” she composed at that point. ” I am therefore obligated to love all people, and I do. Assuming you know me, you realize that I am an individual who cherishes savagely and unpredictably. My heart longs to build bridges, bring people one step closer to God, love others well, and simply be a reflection of God’s enormous love for us all.” Siwa issued her own statement, calling Bure’s remarks “rude and hurtful to a whole community of people,” after being shocked by Bure’s statement.

The Dance Moms alumnus addressed Viall, “After reading [the article], it gave me a little sense of, “OK, you and her are never going to agree, you and her are never going to be friends [or] get along.” We can both simply live our lives and I won’t be able to change her, and she won’t be able to change me.

Siwa made the observation, “But I wish she could be a little more open, a little more accepting.” I’m fine with calling her out in that way.

“[The LBGTQIA+ people group are] my kin, I must support [them],” she kept, adding that Bure’s remarks were “screwed up” and suggested that those in the LBGTQIA+ people group couldn’t likewise be “great, adoring Christians.”

Jodie Sweetin Is Planning an ‘Off-Grid’ Anniversary with ‘Wonderful’ Husband Mescal Wasilewski

Jodie Sweetin has been happily married for the past year. The Full House alum, 41, spoke exclusively to PEOPLE ahead of her first anniversary with husband Mescal Wasilewski on Sunday: ” It’s been a particularly superb year.”

“We simply are as yet partaking in one another. We get along so well,” expressed Sweetin while addressing Individuals before the Hang strike to talk about her new How Inconsiderate, Tanneritos! audio podcast He just gives me so much support for everything I’m doing. He’s so invigorated for all the new stuff that is coming up for me. In any case, in particular, we simply partake in being together. He gets along great with my kids. Sweetin and Wasilewski have benefited greatly from one another over the course of their marriage.

“The two of us have truly figured out how to coincide together actually pleasantly and simply be. She elaborated, “It’s so nice to be able to come and go.” We both lead very full and busy lives, but we are also very connected to one another and grounded in each other. We are not required to consider it. It simply occurs naturally. He’s a truly incredible accomplice — a truly extraordinary accomplice.” The former child star implied that the couple intended to go on a brief, intimate getaway as a way to mark the one-year anniversary.

She explained, “We’re going on a little, off-grid camping trip to celebrate.” It will be great. It will be wonderful.”

Sweetin, on the other hand, is looking forward to more than just the trip that the couple is taking. She launched a brand-new Full House rewatch podcast via iHeartRadio with her former co-star Andrea Barber earlier this week. The pair will be able to discuss behind-the-scenes details from the beloved ABC sitcom and reflect on it through the project. I really haven’t watched the original series. Although it has been years, I believe I have seen the pilot. When it was on, I was a kid, and I never really watched it. That, I think, will be truly fun as well, in that returning and watching these shows 30-a few odd years after the fact,” she said.

Sweetin added, referring to her and Barber’s Full House characters, “And also, the perspective of Steph and Kimmy is really fun, I think, because we were such enemies throughout the entire Full House series.” And I think it will be a really, really fun podcast because you can see how close we are on Full House and learn that we were also really close in real life. Furthermore, I’m as of now having recollections of things that I haven’t contemplated in years.”

Watch Casey Cott Sing ‘Come What May’ with ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ Costar Courtney Reed

PEOPLE has a first look at Casey Cott, who will make his Broadway debut next month, in action. The 30-year-old Riverdale star will appear in Moulin Rouge as Christian! The Melodic starting Tuesday, Aug. 1, for a restricted commitment through Dec. 3. Furthermore, to observe, Individuals can solely make a big appearance another video of he and costar Courtney Reed (Aladdin) performing “No matter what,” one of the piece’s most dearest melodies.

In the clasp, Cott and Reed — who additionally joins the New York Organization on Aug. 1 as Satine, the job she began in the Moulin Rouge! Sing the song during the national tour of The Musical in the rehearsal room. Pictures of them at an authority photoshoot for the creation should be visible, as well. Moulin Rouge! The Melodic won 10 Tony Grants in 2021, including best melodic. After four years on Broadway, its 1,000th performance was recently celebrated.

Coordinated by Tony champ Alex Lumbers, the melodic is a phase rendition of the 2001 Baz Luhrmann film. Tony victor John Logan adjusted the story for the stage, close by an imaginative group that incorporates Tony-winning choreographer Sonya Tayeh.

The plot follows Christian, a young English poet played by Ewan McGregor, as he falls in love with Satine, the Moulin Rouge star, cabaret actress, and courtesan.

Upon its Broadway debut, the stage show featured Tony champs Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo as Christian and Satine, separately. Derek Klena (Anastasia, Jagged Little Pill) and singer JoJo are currently playing the leads. After playing Kevin Keller for the entire seven-season run of Riverdale, the live-action CW adaptation of the Archie comics, Cott will make his Broadway debut. The show’s final episode airs next month.

He and his significant other Nichola Basara, whom he wedded in 2021, are likewise expecting their most memorable child together — a kid, due in September.
“I’ve always been a massive Baz Luhrmann fan and there’s no surprise Moulin Rouge translates to Broadway so seamlessly,” Cott stated to Entertainment Weekly regarding his most recent endeavor. I’ve likewise been a gigantic Alex Woods fan for a long time. Both of them have made such a superb exhibition and it’s genuinely lowering to be a piece of.”

The entertainer proceeded to say he “returned and watched the film once more” in the wake of learning he was projected. ” He told the publication, “I was just as enthralled as the first time.” Added the entertainer, “It’s such an immortal work of art thus enjoyable to perceive how every individual from the film’s cast have these staggering professions now. I just adore everything about it!”

When it comes to Broadway, Cott has been working toward achieving that for some time.
He stated, “You just dream that one day you have the privilege of being on Broadway, growing up as a theater kid.” It’s amazing.”

Cott added, “The talent in the cast is insane.” I can hardly hold back to gain from them all and offer the stage consistently. The actual person is loaded up with such a variety of elements/turns/turns which, once more, is all on account of the great inventive group!”

Moulin Rouge tickets! The Musical are currently on sale until February 25, 2024. The show is playing at the Al Hirschfeld Theater in New York City.

Kylie Minogue Announces ‘Flashy’ Las Vegas Residency

The latest music sensation to perform in Sin City is Kylie Minogue. The Australian pop star declared the send off of a Las Vegas residency at The Venetian Retreat, starting off November 3 at the lodging’s new scene Voltaire. The 1,000-seat setting, which promises to blur the lines between an intimate club, concert, and entertainment venue, will host the 55-year-old songstress of “Padam Padam” as the venue’s inaugural headliner.

She told reporters on Thursday at a cocktail reception to celebrate the residency, “I was thinking years ago I want to do it when I’m younger, like, I don’t want to do it when I’m at the sunset of my career.” I think I’ve found a balance where I feel like I’ve earned the right to be there and have the experience to really enjoy it. Songs from Minogue’s upcoming sixteenth album, Tension, and covers of her greatest hits from her four-decade career will appear on her new show. It is also her first series of concerts in the United States since 2011, and it has been in development for nearly three years.

“I maintain that it should be the sort of pith of what a Kylie show has become, so enough marvelousness and forsake,” she says regarding what fans can anticipate. ” It’s exciting to have some unheard versions and reinterpretations of songs in my collection. Amazing costumes, a live band, and dancers. That is the base — and afterward we’ll see what shocks we can concoct.” Minogue concedes she is still in the improvement phases of what the show will look and seem like, yet takes note of that it will be “a mix of those cozy minutes and afterward some conspicuous stuff” in a space that is a long ways from the gigantic fields she is accustomed to playing.

She says, “I like performing in these smaller environments, I think it’s going to be good” about Voltaire, which is being directed by Derek McLane, an Emmy and Tony Award winner for production design. We still stage the same show of the same size.” The songwriter behind “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” continues, “I’m so grateful to feel a part of the inception of this.” The fact that we will be creating something new is just so exciting.

Minogue says that her upcoming set list is “scraps of paper at this point,” but she also says that it might change in time. I figure it could adjust, it could have some flexibility,” she expresses, calling attention to that versions from her 2020 livestream show Limitless Disco are probably going to show up before a group of people. ” I didn’t get to visit my past collection, which was a genuine disgrace… I’m truly anticipating integrating those into a legitimate show.”

“I figure once the show’s set, it’s so good to have the option to keep yourself deft and honest,” she says, adding that ongoing viral hit “Padam” may show up in the show. Even though Minogue hasn’t asked any famous friends who have been on the Vegas Strip for advice yet, she wants to keep the door open in case anyone wants to show up at one of her performances.

“That’s what I love assuming my show goes over — which you in some cases do on the grounds that ‘Garrulous Jan’ emerges, or somebody will holler something — the band are prepared an adequate number of that we can simply go, ‘OK, do that,'” she says regarding keeping the show new. ” It’s energizing to me what will occur, yet I don’t actually have the foggiest idea yet. The stage configuration looks lovely, I have my group, we’re so amped up for it… it’s a fantasy situation.”
While Minogue hasn’t decided whether she will live in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, she anticipates that fans from all over the world will travel there. According to her, “I’m hoping that there will be international visitors who have either been to Vegas before and enjoyed it, or who have never been there, and that this might be the impetus for them to say, ‘Oh, we’re going to see Kylie in Vegas.’ ” What’s more, I know around that, they’ll have loads of fun with all that Vegas brings to the table.”

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Star on That Almost-Kiss Between Taylor and [Spoiler!]: ‘A Moment of Surrender’

Will they or will they not? After Taylor (Rain Spencer) and Steven (Sean Kaufman) almost kissed in episode 5, fans of The Summer I Turned Pretty have a question. After Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) and Conrad’s (Christopher Briney) auntie Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) moved out the Fishers’ things from the mid year house toward the finish of episode 4, the whole posse went to the nation club to track down shelter in the accompanying episode. Brought together to find supplies, Steven and Taylor ended up having an almost heartfelt second in the deb dance hall.

Talking with Individuals on July 13, Spencer, 23, said the scene was a genuine “snapshot of give up” for her personality Taylor as she surrendered (once more) to her affections for the sibling of her closest companion Tummy (Lola Tung).

Spencer said, “I love that scene so much.” According to Jenny Han, she sheds tears each time she watches it. I feel the same way because I think the silence in that scene is the most powerful part. You can see a moment of surrender in the silence when Taylor finally places her head on his shoulder or chest while they are dancing. Her character experiences a truly beautiful moment in it. Taylor and Steven positively have a confounded history. In the first season, Taylor and Steven had a brief affair while he was still with Shayla (Minnie Mills), which severed the friendship between Taylor and Belly. Regardless of her previous oversights, Spencer noticed that Taylor has gone through a ton of development this season.

“Season 1 Taylor behaved like an adult, she was playing imagine, and in season 2, every one of the characters have really developed,” made sense of Spencer. ” Taylor is able to support Belly in a way that she might not have been able to in season one because she has grown up a little bit. Just making sure her best friend is okay and prioritizing Belly’s requirements.

Taylor has a special place in her heart for Belly and Steven. She has significant barriers to everyone else,” she continued. Obviously, she has walls up with Steven, yet she’s figuring out how to separate them, and I feel that is truly gorgeous that we get to see Taylor be there in the most effective way that she knows how and figure out how to be a superior companion.”

She added that while Taylor has “a great many protection components,” Steven can see directly through them. ” In the second season, Steven demonstrates to her that he knows who she is and that she cannot hide from him. Getting down on the deb assembly hall scene, she noticed how Steven had the option to identify that Taylor was lying about not needing her princess second. ” She stated, “She can’t even deny that.” Despite her best efforts to avoid him, she is unable to deny that he actually sees her because they have grown up together.

Spencer is able to make a strong case for why fans should give Taylor and Steven a chance, despite the fact that fans were sad to see Steven and Shayla’s relationship end after Mills left the show after season one.

“I love Minnie and I pull for [Shayla and Steven] as well,” she certified. ” The fact that Steven and Taylor did grow up together is a beautiful thing. Although she did not admit it, Taylor was in love with Steven throughout every phase of his life—dorky phases, weird phases, and annoying phases.

She continued, “I think Steven can really see how much Taylor has matured in season two, and I think that’s part of the reason Steven root for Conrad because Steven is rooting for Steven.” Since both Taylor and Steven don’t have a huge presence in the books, Spencer shared that Han provided them unique guidance for their characters, explicitly that “Conrad is to Stomach what Steven is to Taylor.”

Spencer stated, “It’s that kind of unrequited love that is just unconditional and probably won’t go away.” I believe that more than anything else, Belly comprehends that.

Teresa Giudice Calls Luis Ruelas ‘Love of My Life’ in Tribute on the 3rd Anniversary of the Day They Met

Time has flown by for lovebirds Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas! A slideshow of pictures and videos of the couple together was shared on Instagram on Thursday to mark the third anniversary of the day The Real Housewives of New Jersey star met her husband.

“Today marks three years since I met the love of my life!” The reel was captioned by Giudice, 51. Everything that happened to us happened so that we could meet each other. I love you unendingly and am everlastingly appreciative you came into my life. You have such a rare soul. We have such a delightful family and I will perpetually treasure our adoration ❤️”

Ruelas had previously spouted over his better half on Instagram only a couple of days sooner, inscribing a photograph of them Monday: ” Every time I look at you, you make me gasp, sweetheart! Love You” Giudice and Ruelas got engaged in October 2021 and tied the knot in August at the Park Chateau Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey. During the Teresa Gets Married special in May, the wedding aired on Bravo.
The mother of four described the experience of filming her wedding as “the best time that I ever had on TV.”

“This time around, our wedding, all that we did was for us. Normally [you have to] contemplate others, or your families reach out, and attempt to get in, intrude … in any case, I didn’t ponder every other person,” she told Individuals. On her podcast Namaste B$tches a month ago, Giudice dispelled rumors that her marriage had experienced difficulties.
Giudice stated, “There is no such thing.” He is the love of my life. No, nothing is shaky. At the end of the day, perhaps we shake together when we dance, yet there’s nothing else to it. You know, that’s the only time we’re shaking? Giudice likewise rejected that she scrounged up show in her marriage as a storyline on the following time of RHONJ.

“Truly, I don’t play like that. She stated, “I play like, what’s really going on in my life.” I needn’t bother with a storyline like that. Numerous things are going on in my life. You know, I have my cooking channel, my YouTube cooking channel, that is doing astonishing. Melissa and I have a podcast together. With the kids, I have a lot going on.”
People reported earlier this month that in light of the ongoing drama on RHONJ, Bravo offered Giudice and her spouse’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga a spot on the show for season 14. In addition to Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs, Jennifer Aydin, Rachel Fuda, and Danielle Cabral, Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler will reprise their roles as Friends of the Family when filming begins next month.

Sandra Bullock Seen Out with Flowers in Los Angeles in Rare Sighting After Her Birthday

Sandra Bullock epitomizes summer! The actress, who turned 59 on Wednesday, was seen out and about in Los Angeles the following day in a rare sighting. Bullock carried a vase of flowers toward a car in a flowing yellow belted midi dress with a floral-like print. She looked like she was just doing her thing with her accessories.

The winner of the Academy Award wore several pieces of jewelry and gray Birkenstocks with her brunette hair in a loose bun. Numerous famous friends wished Bullock many happy returns on social media in honor of her birthday on Wednesday.

In the first picture she posted on her Instagram Story, longtime friend Jennifer Aniston wrote, “Happy Birthday Sand-a-La!!” and revealed her nickname for Bullock.

The Practical Magic actress was shown giving the camera a thumbs-up and drinking from a caricature mug that was inspired by Aniston’s Apple TV+ show The Morning Show.

The following picture, which the 54-year-old shared, was a group shot with her close friend and Friends co-star Courteney Cox. We adore you! Aniston composed with three red heart emoticons.

She wrote, “SO MUCH!” on another photo of Bullock with a friend, as if she were concluding her previous post. before concluding her birthday tribute with a hilarious video of Bullock mixing some kind of filling in a bowl in the kitchen. Octavia Spencer and other well-known friends of Bullock’s posted messages in celebration of her birthday. The two featured together in An Opportunity to Kill (1996) and Miss Congeniality 2: Equipped and Fantastic (2005).

“Some people you meet have a profound impact beyond their work: their air, their generosity, their euphoria. Spencer, 53, wrote along with two photographs of the duo, “Sandra Bullock is one of those people.” Please join me in wishing her a happy birthday in the comments! 🎉🎂🥳🎈🎁.”

Ryan Reynolds, Bullock’s costar in their 2009 film The Proposition, shared a clasp on Instagram from the romantic comedy showing their much-discussed naked scene, kidding about her birthday present this year.

In that Proposition scene, Bullock’s Margaret slips while searching for a towel after a shower and falls into Reynolds’ Andrew, who just peeled off his garments subsequent to going on a run.

“Happy Birthday to Sandra Bullock, the legendary and stunning actress!” The 46-year-old actor added, “For your birthday this year, I got us both intimacy coordinators,” to the caption of his Instagram post. What’s more, a HR division. And attire?”

‘Suits’ Still Has the Meghan Markle Sparkle — USA Series Sets Streaming Record 4 Years After Finale

The movie Suits, which made Meghan Markle famous, is breaking streaming records. Nielsen detailed that the legitimate show, which circulated on the USA Organization somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2019, has established another standard as the most seen gained streaming title almost four years after its series finale.

For the week of June 26 to July 2, the show starring Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Sarah Rafferty, and Meghan Markle reached 3 billion viewing minutes on Peacock and Netflix.

According to Netflix’s Top Ten list, the first season of Suits accumulated more than 26 million hours of viewing time in that one week alone on Netflix, where the show’s first eight seasons can be streamed. At least four weeks have passed since the show entered Netflix’s Top 10 Series. The series’ median viewing age is trending younger than during its first run, according to Nielsen, indicating that younger generations are interested in it.

Suits follows the personality of Mike Ross (Adams), who wind up working at a law office close by some of New York City’s best legal counselors including Harvey Phantom (Macht), Donna Paulson (Rafferty) and Rachel Zane (Markle). The cable channel announced that Markle, who was completely stepping away from the show business, would be leaving the show after season 7 shortly after the couple announced their engagement in November 2017.

Notwithstanding Markle and her costar Adams both leaving their jobs after the series’ seventh season, Suits carried on for two additional seasons, closing in 2019. The show appeared on Netflix in June, a half year after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s docuseries Harry and Meghan dropped on Netflix, impacting the world forever as the stage’s greatest narrative presentation ever with 81.55 million review hours.

Markle and Sovereign Harry, 38, first marked a long term manage Netflix in September 2020. The couple’s production hub, which was later renamed Archewell Productions, was said to exclusively produce documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows, and children’s programming for the platform at the time, according to The New York Times. Their projects that are currently available for streaming include Harry & Meghan and Live to Lead, a documentary series that is based on Nelson Mandela and features the work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Greta Thunberg, Gloria Steinem, and others.