A Murderous Sloth Terrorizes a Sorority in Trailer for New Slasher Movie ‘Slotherhouse’

The world’s slowest mammal is the next popular horror villain. On Wednesday, Gravitas Adventures delivered the trailer for its new blood and gore flick Slotherhouse, which follows an undergrad who takes on a pet sloth, prompting various homicides in the understudy’s sorority house.

The trailer opens with one individual from the sorority house seeing something unsettle in the shower. She opens the drapery, just for the sloth to wound her in the face. The first look at the new slasher then cuts to Emily (Lisa Ambalavanar), the lead character, and shows her meeting a man who wants to sell her a sloth. Emily gives the sloth the name Alpha after purchasing it, and it appears that the sorority has made the animal something of a mascot. As others caution Emily that Alpha may not be sufficiently compliant to act as a pet, the bodies fire stacking up — and one person cleverly takes note of that the sorority’s home ought to be known as a “Slotherhouse.” An authority outline for the film noticed that primary person Emily is racing to act as leader of her sorority Sigma Lambda Theta (SLTH) for her senior year of school.

“While starting her mission, she tracks down a charming sloth that wins her love and before long acknowledges she very well could take the hearts, and votes, of her sorority sisters,” the rundown peruses. ” Emily and her sorority sisters, on the other hand, come to the realization that their new house mascot, the cuddly sloth Alpha, is to blame for the deaths as the bodies slowly start to pile up in the Sigma Lambda Theta house.”

Will Emily and her sisters be able to escape the house safely? the abstract finishes up. ” Or is this death-sloth, which has three razor-sharp claws, too fast for them?” Slotherhouse is coordinated by producer Matthew Goodhue, from a content composed by Bradley Fowler and in view of Fowler’s story with maker Cady Lanigan. The blood and gore film comes a while after the arrival of the creature themed parody Cocaine Bear and Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, a horror film based on the well-known character from Winnie the Pooh.

The new celebrities Lisa Ambalavanar, Sydney Timid, Olivia Rouyre, Bianca Beckles-Rose, Andrew Horton, Sutter Nolan, Effortlessness Patterson, Milica Vrzić, Annamaria Serda, Spat Stevenson, Stefan Kapičić., Kelly Lynn Reiter as well. Alpha’s voice is provided by Rudi Rok, the sloth.