Alexa Nikolas slams Justin Long’s ‘Punk’d’ episode about underage drinking following Jonah Hill assault claims

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Alexa Nikolas felt exceptionally set off by a reemerged episode of “Punk’d” that highlighted Justin Long and her supposed attacker Jonah Slope. The “Zoey 101” alum informs Page Six on Tuesday that “I just saw it for the first time today.” “The fact that those men and the network approved of the release of that episode should deeply disturb us as a society.” In the episode, which initially broadcasted in 2005, “Punk’d” co-maker Ashton Kutcher tricks Long by having him go out to supper with two young ladies who are 17 and 18 years of age. The teenagers are played by entertainers, including “Dusk” star Ashley Greene.

The “He’s Simply Not That into You” star knows nothing about the young ladies’ alleged ages and the server, played by an entertainer, serves them generally cocktails. After that, the manager of the restaurant, who is played by an actor, and one of the teens’ fathers, who is also played by an actor, storm in angrily and accuse Long of drinking with “underage girls.””Do you know how awful this can be?” The fictitious manager speaks in character. “We can all leave and nobody knows anything,” Long can be heard saying, apparently attempting to assuage what is happening.

Hill was an “accomplice” in the skit, and the episode claims that he was aware that the “Jeepers Creepers” star was getting “Punk’d.” Regarding the skit, Nikolas says, “They had no shame.” It] says a great deal regarding our way of life at that point.” She continues, “Honestly, I don’t think the culture has changed much.” Which is the reason I made Eat Hunters. It’s the ideal opportunity for responsibility. Bravo to the survivors.” We have inquired of Long, Kutcher, and MTV, the original network that broadcast the show, for their comments. Slope’s rep declined to remark.

While Long’s reps didn’t address the backfire encompassing his “Punk’d” episode, his reps let us know because of different cases Nikolas made about Slope, “This is whenever Justin first has been made mindful of this present circumstance that purportedly happened almost twenty years prior. “While Justin is sympathetic to any and all abuse victims, he has no knowledge of what may or may not have occurred regarding Ms. Nikolas,” the statement reads. Nikolas, presently 31, guaranteed on Twitter over the course of the end of the week that she once went to a party at Long’s home, where she was purportedly served liquor despite the fact that she was just 16.

She claimed that when they went outside to smoke a cigarette, Hill gave her a kiss without her consent. “I was a youngster so I clearly felt frightened and furious,” the entertainer told Page Six Tuesday. ” Tragically, this wasn’t whenever I’ve first been attacked or externalized as a youngster. “Nikolas claimed to us that she wanted to leave, but that she was allegedly “intoxicated from their alcohol and so none of that helped my decision-making afterwards,” “Nikolas” said. “This was before Uber and Lyft coincidentally and I didn’t as yet drive,” she added.

Hill, Long, and other partygoers, according to Nikolas, knew she was underage at the time because they allegedly “joked” about it all night. “‘Zoey 101’ was even referenced … Nothing was concealed on our end that is without a doubt. … She asserted, “Our age just seemed to encourage jokes and secrecy amongst one another.”

Nikolas — a straightforward lobbyist against supposed wrongdoing of youngster entertainers — said she didn’t document charges at the time since her mother didn’t realize she was at the party. However, the former Nickelodeon star has filed a lawsuit against one of her alleged accomplices. She recently sued her ex, Michael Milosh, whom she met at 16 and wedded at age 19. In 2021, Nikolas recently guaranteed, per court records, that the Rhye vocalist, presently 47, physically attacked, mishandled and prepared her when she was a minor.

She did, however, decide to drop the suit two years later with the intention of filing a new one later. Through his attorneys, Hill informed Page Six on Tuesday that Nikolas’ allegations against him are a “complete fabrication.”

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