Austen Kroll blasts ‘low-brow’ Brandi Glanville for doing ‘bulls–t’ podcast episode to ‘be relevant’

It’s the Clash of the Bravolebrities. Austen Kroll called Brandi Glanville “low-brow” for interviewing his ex-girlfriend, Ciara Miller, on a “bulls–t” podcast episode. Kroll brought up the disputed June 15 episode of “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered” on the “Pillows and Beer” podcast. In that episode, Glanville suggested that Miller was too good for him because Kroll is below her. The second took the “Southern Appeal” star off guard, that he’s purportedly been “only great” to the “Genuine Housewives of Beverly Slopes” alum since meeting her at BravoCon in October 2022. He proceeded to say he even consented to be “a visitor on [her] webcast” after two months. ” He described it as “disappointing to see” when he shared it with his co-star and podcast co-host Craig Conover. “And then she does this low-brow, clickbait bulls–t to, like, try to be relevant.”

Kroll, 36, said he quickly messaged the ex-“Housewife,” who supposedly answered by “gaslighting” him. “She was like, ‘No, no, no, you didn’t see the entire clasp! I said that you were overall quite that I had you on [my podcast]!'” Kroll asserted, That is the definition of gaslighting, don’t you think? He stated that he replied. Like, you’re telling me I’m crazy for thinking you’re being stupid for calling me “down here,” but it’s stupid that you’re trying to defend it. He added, “See you in the roads, young lady.” After that, Conover tried to explain that he, too, had an “interaction” with Glanville, 50, at BravoCon last year, but a heated Kroll interjected to tell the story.

“She said that Craig was impolite in light of the fact that Craig said that they don’t do customized monogram pads,” he exclaimed. ” How could that be inconsiderate? It’s simply that his business doesn’t do that.” As per Conover, who possesses a cushion organization called Sewing Down South, Glanville moved toward him while makers were “attempting to get [everyone] off the stage” following “the enormous ‘Watch What Happens Live’ [show]” and said she’d “love a pad” with her initials: BG.

“Sure! Before stating that he and his team “don’t really do custom pillows,” Conover, 35, replied, “I’d love to get you a pillow.” At the time, he allegedly told Kroll that he “didn’t stick around to talk” because he and the other Bravolebrities “had places to be” and “were being ushered off.” “But maybe I can figure it out,” he allegedly added. Glanville later accused Conover of being “hammered” and ignoring her, and Conover stated that he thought everything “was fine.”

Despite the fact that he’s never freely shared the tale, he forewarned that it wasn’t even “the full story — about, similar to, how she was.” Page Six inquired about Glanville, whom Kroll referred to as “someone who talks s–t.” Glanville did not immediately respond.