‘Big Brother’ Alums, Including Frankie Grande, Break into the Season 25 House to Tease the Twist

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Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes, and Frankie Grande attempted to rewind time but were unsuccessful. In a first gander at the season 25 house, the three Older sibling alums, who all lost their seasons, broke into the house with the Time Laser expecting to travel once more into the past and become BB winners.

In a video that Grande, 40, uploads to Big Brother’s Twitter account on Friday, she declares, “The moment is finally here.” We will enact the Time Laser, travel once more into the past to our seasons.”

“It is time to rewrite history and take back the victories we so deserve,” says Reyes, who appeared in seasons 3 and 7. Grande declares The Hitmen, a.k.a. Haynes, 35, hoped to say “bye, bye” to The Brigade alliance, which dominated season 12. Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur, the Final Two of Season 16, “are toast.”

Grande continues, “Sorry, Derrick, but I’m going to expose your little undercover secret.”

By going back to her time on the show, Haynes also hoped to redo one more thing. This time, she says, “I will not be losing my dignity on a slippery wiener,” referring to the season 12 hot dog challenge.

The vets then activate the Time Laser, which begins sending beams throughout the house. They before long acknowledged something had turned out badly.

“What are we doing now?” Grande inquires.

Reyes, 51, takes note of that they got the laser from “Whimper Yowl Undertakings” before them three choose to jettison the house and leave it cartoonified. The house’s kitchen and chess board were teased by host Julie Chen Moonves on Thursday.

“Which House? #” BB25 House!” Chen Moonves, 53, subtitled her Instagram post. ” ecstatic to be entering these doors once more. Who is excited for Season 25? How about we kick this game off!”
The twist is also hinted at in the season 25 key art.

On Monday, Chen Moonves wrote on Instagram, “Do you see what I see?” I can’t wait to show you all this #BB25 key art. In any case, we needed to hold on until the Houseguests were sequestered on the grounds that there’s many hints to this season’s subject. What do you think?