Bowen Yang Details His Near-Death Horseback Experience While Filming in Iceland

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Try not to anticipate that Bowen Yang should ride a pony again any time soon. The Saturday Night Live star, 32, uncovered on the Aug. 2 episode of Las Culturistas, the web recording he co-has with Matt Rogers, that he had a brush with death riding a horse while shooting Awkwafina Is Nora from Sovereigns in Iceland.

“[I’ve] ridden a pony for camera,” Yang said on the webcast. ” Learn to expect the unexpected. This team, and I love this group, yet this group chose to have a robot, and obviously the pony don’t have the foggiest idea what the f- – – that is, and afterward I nearly kicked the bucket.”

For Nora from Sovereigns’ third season, Yang’s personality Edmund goes to Iceland to find his tragically missing family members, with his cousin Nora (played by Awkwafina) going with him on the excursion.

During the go for the Fun times TV sitcom, the robot alarmed Yang’s pony, as indicated by the jokester.

“Indeed, even many yards away, these ponies can clock,” he said. ” They were frightened and afterward I nearly [fell off]. I nearly got kicked, and there was essential for me, however, that was like, ‘This is an effective method for going.'” Alongside the pony episode, Yang encountered one more setback while shooting in the Scandinavian country. ” The other story from Iceland was that I had a piece of utilized bathroom tissue — my own pre-owned bathroom tissue — adhered to my shoe and afterward everyone on set saw” he noticed, that he was strolling with “a major brown on my jeans.”

Yang and Rogers have been co-facilitating Las Culturistas beginning around 2016. The webcast, which digs into mainstream society points, was named Web recording of the Year at the 2023 iHeartRadio Digital broadcast Grants.

Toward the beginning of July, Yang declared that he was moving back from the web recording because of “terrible episodes of depersonalization” — a mental condition where somebody habitually feels like they’re having an otherworldly encounter or it is genuine to not detect anything. In an Instagram Story at that point, the Fire Island star composed: ” Having some time off from [Las Culturistas]. Awful episodes of depersonalization are f- – – ing me up terrible, however I’m giving my all to improve! Kindly be careful, be soon.”

Only half a month after that declaration, Rogers gave an update about his podcasting accomplice during a visit on the In plain view with Melissa Gorga web recording.
“What I truly believe everybody should know is that as of now things are better,” Rogers said. ” As of now, there’s more viewpoint and there will be steps taken to get him to a better spot since he realizes he merits that.”

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