Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Get Rosco (Iconic Revolver)

Rosco accepts the cake as perhaps of the most intriguing notable weapon with regards to Cyberpunk 2077. It might seem to be simply one more Suggestion gun, yet it has an interesting approach to initiating exceptional advantage’s ideal for anybody pretending as a wanton executioner.

This notorious weapon is one of the numerous new augmentations presented in Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 fix and the resulting Ghost Freedom extension. Getting this firearm isn’t convoluted in any way shape or form, yet players might perhaps miss it assuming they go with some unacceptable choices. This is the way to get it.

Rosco is the primary weapon utilized by Dodger, a high-positioning Barghest trooper working in Pacifica. Players may have the option to manage him assuming that they choose to do the Sitting tight for Dodger gig for Mr. Hands. To begin this gig, make a beeline for the Dogtown entrance close to the Great Royal Shopping center quick travel point and enter the left vehicle featured by the mission marker.

Talk with Stella inside the vehicle, and she’ll let players know that her life partner Bill and his accomplice Charles are in a tough situation. The two filthy police have ended up gone head to head with Dodger and his team, and V’s responsibility is to get both of the men out alive.

For getting Rosco, players can basically go inside the structure across the road weapons blasting totally neglecting the existences of the Barghest warriors or the lady’s solicitation not to kill anybody. Simply continue to follow the journey marker and impact every individual who isn’t Bill and Charles.

Ultimately, players will meet Dodger similarly as they’re leaving the structure through the carport. Try not to address him — draw a weapon and flatline Dodger and his young men. Bill and Charles will endure the experience, and Dodger will drop Rosco when he bites the dust.

Rosco is a gun that quickly kills normal foes assuming that players shoot them in the leg first prior to circling back to a headshot. It additionally bargains expanded crit harm to assist with bringing down harder focuses on that are safe to the instakill impact like supervisors, small scale managers, cyberpsychos, and foes with a skull on their wellbeing bar. Moreover, headshots against foes lying on the ground will continuously bargain basic harm.

This gun is worked for accuracy. In the event that players find themselves unfit to kill foes with a couple of headshots, go for the leg first then circle back to a headshot. The most well-known use case for this is when players are battling against intensely defensively covered rivals.

Remember that in spite of the firearm’s depiction saying it will in a split second kill grounded rivals, what it really does is simply greatly expands the weapon’s harm to all foes that are on the ground. It’s obscure in the event that this is a bug or a planned plan decision yet as of Fix 2.01, it is the means by which Rosco works.

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