Elden Ring Player Discovers New Weapon After Playing for Over 800 Hours

An Elden Ring fan as of late ran over a weapon they had never seen before notwithstanding having a complete recess of north of 800 hours. Elden Ring permits players to move toward battle experiences in various ways, as clients approach a lot of weapons and spells to manage its numerous foes.

Because of the sheer size of Elden Ring, it could be hard so that fans might be able to see everything in one playthrough. Therefore, a few clients are as yet going over new components despite the fact that they have played Elden Ring for many hours. For instance, one gamer made an intriguing revelation about Elden Ring’s Strolling Catacombs following 1,000 hours of recess, and it’s feasible to find other such occasions on the web. Presently, one Elden Ring fan found a weapon they had never seen, despite the fact that they had played the game for north of 800 hours.

A client named Expert_Perception_72 has made another post on Reddit with a picture of this weapon, as they guarantee to have seen Grossmesser without precedent for Elden Ring. The client makes reference to that they have played Elden Ring for north of 800 hours since its delivery last year, however they never figured out how to gather this weapon during this time span. Expert_Perception_72 likewise makes a note about the drop rates in Elden Ring and other FromSoftware titles, expressing that they have been crazy since the arrival of Dim Spirits 3.

It seems to be Expert_Perception_72 isn’t the only one, as various clients in the remarks segment likewise guarantee to have never seen a Grossmesser before in Elden Ring. One player gets some information about the horde that drops it, inciting Expert_Perception_72 to affirm that they got it from a skeleton inside one of Elden Ring’s sepulchers. Another client referenced getting it on their last playthrough, prior to expressing that it was helpful up to the center piece of the game.

It seems as though one fan needs to double employ this weapon, while a few different clients likewise have had a conversation on drop rates and uncommon weapons in Elden Ring. One player professes to have gotten the Grossmesser subsequent to crushing for four hours, while another notices that they just got Honorable’s Thin Blade in Elden Ring in spite of having finished north of 10 playthroughs. The other remarks highlight clients imparting their encounters to the Grossmesser weapon, as it appears as though numerous players are fanatics of its move-set and plan.

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