Emily Blunt and Matt Damon Hilariously Debate Over American and British Food

Emily Gruff and Matt Damon just gave an entirely different significance to the expression food battle! The Oppenheimer stars put their affection for their local cooking under a magnifying glass this week, in another video where they energetically banter the benefits of American and English food. Also, fair warning: Neither of them withdrew!

The couple was debating whether or not the prompt, “British food is better than American food,” was true in the most recent episode of LADbible’s Agree to Disagree series. And keeping in mind that London local Gruff, 40, uncovered she “unequivocally” concurred with the assertion, Massachusetts-conceived Damon, 52, uncovered the inverse and, surprisingly, let out a fun loving growl simultaneously. Blunt asked her Oppenheimer costar a convincing question after some laughter: Have you at any point had a wonderful dish, a Sunday cook?”

“Do you realize you’re known for having terrible food?” Damon answered. ” It resembles a thing.”

After Dull then broadcasted that she hate eating “cheeseburgers and chunks constantly,” the Withdrew entertainer wasn’t taking that for a response.

“That is all we have in America? You understand why is America extraordinary? We are a mixture of the relative multitude of different nations,” he said. ” So the very best food…” Still, Gruff triumphed ultimately regarding the matter when she contributed and reminded her companion that Britain has its advantages, as well. ” Do you know the number? 1 most eaten food in Britain is? It’s a chicken tikka masala. How social is that? Next question.”

Damon and the Mary Poppins Returns actress argue about talk show hosts, airplane clapping, McDonald’s breakfast hours, and other topics.

In Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, Blunt and Damon star alongside Cillian Murphy, Florence Pugh, and Robert Downey Jr. Obtuse recently focused on planning for the historical show, uncovering that Murphy, 47, shed pounds with a lean eating regimen to change into researcher J. Robert Oppenheimer. ” He had such an enormous task at hand. Furthermore, he could eat, similar to, an almond consistently,” Gruff, who plays his onscreen spouse Kitty Oppenheimer, told Extra.

” He was so gaunt.” Murphy likewise tended to his emotional weight reduction for the job in a discussion with IndieWire, pushing, “I don’t prompt it,” making sense of that he won’t give particulars about how much weight he dropped for the job. ” I don’t maintain that it should be, ‘Cillian lost x load for the part,'” he said.

Additionally, Damon spoke candidly about Murphy’s efforts, telling Extra: The sheer volume of work that he had, and the degree of detail that Christopher demands…There was continuously something for him to ponder. “Be ahead of,” Blunt chimed in. “There was something coming down the pike that he needed to—”