Emily Blunt Reveals Cillian Murphy’s Strict Oppenheimer Diet

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Cillian Murphy’s job in Oppenheimer pushed him to outrageous lengths. In point of fact, his co-star Emily Blunt, who played Kitty Oppenheimer, Murphy’s on-screen wife, revealed that the Inception actor underwent a significant transformation to play J. Robert Oppenheimer, the atomic bomb’s father.

In an interview that was published on July 7, she told Extra, “He had such a monumental undertaking.” Additionally, he could only consume one almond per day. He was so slender.” Murphy previously acknowledged that in order to accurately portray the scientist’s appearance, he was committed to a strict diet for the role.

“I love acting with my body, and Oppenheimer had an exceptionally particular genuineness and outline, which I needed to get right,” Murphy told the New York Times in May. “I needed to lose a lot of weight, and we worked with the ensemble and fitting; he was extremely thin, practically skinny, existed on martinis and cigarettes.” Nonetheless, he cautioned that the endeavor was not something he would prescribe to other people.

“You become cutthroat with yourself a tad, which isn’t sound,” the Peaky Blinders entertainer told The Gatekeeper in July. ” I don’t exhort it.” Concerning how much weight he lost? Murphy declined to provide a number, stating, “Ach, no. I don’t maintain that it should be, ‘Cillian lost x load for the part.'”

The 47-year-old actor said that the fast-paced filming process made it easier for him to accept the role more fully. “It resembles you’re on this f- – ruler train that is simply besieging,” he told the power source. ” It keeps going banging. You rest for a couple of hours, get up, bang it once more. I was running at a breakneck speed; I crossed a threshold where I no longer cared about food or anything else; nevertheless, it was positive because the character was like that. He won’t ever eat.”

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