Final Fantasy 14 Player Buffs are Bugged in Patch 6.5

Some Last Dream 14 players covered web-based entertainment that the new 6.5 update presented a significant bug that can give players irregular work buffs in any case on the off chance that the work the buff begins from is in the party or not. While the bug has not been not difficult to imitate, Last Dream 14 players posted their discoveries via web-based entertainment to bring issues to light with different players and with Square Enix.

Delivered on October 3, Last Dream 14 Fix 6.5 is the last part of the ongoing primary story curve that brought characters from Definite Dream 4 like Golbez and the Archfiends into the game. In the Developing Light happy update, Last Dream 14 players overcame the Lunar Subterrane prison, went head to head with Zeromus in the Deep Crack preliminary, and found out about Eorzea’s Twelve in the Thaleia union attack. FF14 players expecting a more prominent test took on the Deep Break (Outrageous) preliminary, which added more deadly mechanics for players to think about. In any case, a few players detailed that Zeromus was not by any means the only test that held them up.

On Twitter, a client named temporoyales revealed that a significant bug can give players irregular buffs from Conclusive Dream 14’s different battle Occupations, paying little mind to party organization. In one model, temporoyales posted a log of an Artist’s Specialized Step and Specialized Finish that enacted multiple times, which is difficult to accomplish over the span of a supervisor fight. By examination, a similar Artist’s Relieving Three step dance and En Avant, used to recuperate and push ahead rapidly, were utilized multiple times, which is inside typical boundaries. Also, buffs that just ought to help the first Work, for example, the Dark Mage’s Triplecast, were allowed to occupations that ordinarily shouldn’t have it.

Redditor DeathofTheHeavens, who recently detailed a bug with the Fighter’s Shake It Off capacity in FF14 Fix 6.3, posted additional proof of the bug on the r/ffxiv subreddit. In their post, the Over powered noticed that the Red Mage’s Dualcast and Versifier’s Straight Shot buffs were available on different Positions regardless of no Red Mage or Troubadour being in the gathering. In the remarks, clients added their own encounters with the bug and sent in reports to Square Enix to fix the bug as fast as could be expected.

Between the disclosure of this bug, and what the following playable race in Conclusive Dream 14 could be, players have had various encounters with the Developing Light happy update. The reality of the situation will come out at some point when Square Enix will make quick work of this most recent issue.

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