Jamie Foxx smiles and waves from boat in first sighting since hospitalization

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After his enigmatic “medical complication” in April, Jamie Foxx appears to be in good spirits. The “Day Shift” entertainer was seen grinning and hurling the gesture of goodwill in a video got by TMZ as he traveled down the Chicago Waterway on a boat Sunday. The “Beam” star, 55, was wearing an all-dark outfit with pilot conceals for the end of the week outing. At least two other passengers joined him.

It denoted whenever that Foxx first has been seen in broad daylight since his hospitalization. He has not yet addressed the health scare in public. On April 12, Foxx was admitted to a hospital in Georgia, as his oldest daughter Corinne posted on social media. We wanted to let you know that Jamie Foxx, my father, had a medical problem yesterday. She wrote at the time, “He is already on his way to recovery, fortunately, due to quick action and great care.” Foxx imparts Corinne to his ex Connie Kline. Annalise Bishop, his 14-year-old daughter with Kristin Grannis, is also his second child.

At the time that his family traveled to be by his side, a source told TMZ that the actor’s unidentified condition was “serious enough.” He had been working with Cameron Diaz on the Netflix movie “Back in Action” prior to the medical emergency. Despite Foxx’s hospitalization, Diaz continued to shoot additional scenes alongside his body double. When the “Just Mercy” star will begin filming again is unknown.

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Page Six learned last month from a family member that the secrecy surrounding his condition has caused them to worry about how his career might be affected in the future. “Back in Action’s” future is also uncertain.

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