Janelle Brown Says Kody Was ‘Pushing Me Out the Door’ as He’s Accused of Playing Favorites

Sister Spouses is getting back with considerably more subtleties on how Kody Brown wound up a one-wife man. Another trailer for season 18 shows Janelle Earthy colored talking about her choice to leave the plural marriage. Kody’s first words to her are, “You have cheated me out of my family.”

Janelle answers with outrage. ” She says, “You are now pushing me out the door.” At the point when Kody denies this, she adds. ” I believe you are manipulative.

When Kody runs off, harsh words and a door slam are exchanged. You stay and talk,” Janelle says. She says, “f— you,” when Kody ignores her. Additionally, Christine Brown elaborates on her decision to end her spiritual marriage. I left Kody cause I could see he had top picks,” Christine says, while a clasp plays showing Kody stroking spouse Robyn Earthy colored’s back.

Indeed, even Meri Brown concedes, “I’ve heard [Kody] allude to us as companions,” rather than his spouses.

An explosive One on One episode in Season 17 of Sister Wives revealed that Meri and Janelle had separated from their plural marriage. As a result, Kody’s plural marriage became unintentionally monogamous, leaving him with just Robyn. Christine has since fallen in love with a new person. She acknowledged a proposition from David Woolley recently, and the pair are now arranging their wedding.

Kody and his wives, both past and present, reunited in the middle of July at daughter Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding to Beatriz Queiroz, despite the distance and complicated family dynamics.