Jo Koy Says He Has ‘Nothing but the Best Love’ for Ex Chelsea Handler: ‘She’s a Beautiful Person’

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Jo Koy is becoming genuine about Chelsea Overseer a year after their split. The Easter Sunday entertainer, 52, pondered his affections for his ex — whom he split from in July 2022 — and said there are still no worries between the two. “She’s a wonderful individual, and, you know, we’re still companions,” Koy told Page Six at the launch of Here Untruths Love on Broadway.

He proceeded to portray their 11-month relationship as “a delightful time,” and commended the star, who just wrapped up her satire visit across the U.S. last month. ” She’s doing delightful things at the present time,” he added. ” She’s devastating it at this moment, so I have only the best love for her.”

Controller, 48, shared on Instagram in July 2022 that she and Koy had parted by posting a video that they expected to share on their one-year commemoration. She composed close by the clasp, “It is with overwhelming sadness to report that we have chosen together that it is best as far as we’re concerned to enjoy some time off from our relationship at this moment.” She shared more about the split on an episode of Brooke Safeguards’ What’s the deal? webcast in December, saying she had at first accepted that Koy was the one.

“I truly accepted that this was my person,” she said. ” I thought, ‘Good gracious, I won. Like, I got everything. I have my profession, I have regard, I have my family, I have such countless companions, I have these things.’ And afterward I thought this planned to be the individual I consume my time on earth with.”

Overseer conceded that she had been available to the possibility of marriage since it was a significant thing to Koy, however noticed that close to the furthest limit of the relationship, “it just turned out to be evident that this was not my individual.” ” There were a few ways of behaving that we were unable to settle on,” she made sense of. ” It seemed to me like I would need to leave myself, which perhaps I would have been alright to do assuming I were 20 or 25, however I wasn’t willing. Regardless of the amount I cherished this individual — and I adored him so much — I wouldn’t leave myself.”

“I won’t significantly alter the way that I act to cause you to feel more great. I’m not doing that, and I needed to leave something that I truly accepted planned to be an eternity relationship,” Controller proceeded. ” So that was troublesome.”