Jodie Sweetin Is Planning an ‘Off-Grid’ Anniversary with ‘Wonderful’ Husband Mescal Wasilewski

Jodie Sweetin has been happily married for the past year. The Full House alum, 41, spoke exclusively to PEOPLE ahead of her first anniversary with husband Mescal Wasilewski on Sunday: ” It’s been a particularly superb year.”

“We simply are as yet partaking in one another. We get along so well,” expressed Sweetin while addressing Individuals before the Hang strike to talk about her new How Inconsiderate, Tanneritos! audio podcast He just gives me so much support for everything I’m doing. He’s so invigorated for all the new stuff that is coming up for me. In any case, in particular, we simply partake in being together. He gets along great with my kids. Sweetin and Wasilewski have benefited greatly from one another over the course of their marriage.

“The two of us have truly figured out how to coincide together actually pleasantly and simply be. She elaborated, “It’s so nice to be able to come and go.” We both lead very full and busy lives, but we are also very connected to one another and grounded in each other. We are not required to consider it. It simply occurs naturally. He’s a truly incredible accomplice — a truly extraordinary accomplice.” The former child star implied that the couple intended to go on a brief, intimate getaway as a way to mark the one-year anniversary.

She explained, “We’re going on a little, off-grid camping trip to celebrate.” It will be great. It will be wonderful.”

Sweetin, on the other hand, is looking forward to more than just the trip that the couple is taking. She launched a brand-new Full House rewatch podcast via iHeartRadio with her former co-star Andrea Barber earlier this week. The pair will be able to discuss behind-the-scenes details from the beloved ABC sitcom and reflect on it through the project. I really haven’t watched the original series. Although it has been years, I believe I have seen the pilot. When it was on, I was a kid, and I never really watched it. That, I think, will be truly fun as well, in that returning and watching these shows 30-a few odd years after the fact,” she said.

Sweetin added, referring to her and Barber’s Full House characters, “And also, the perspective of Steph and Kimmy is really fun, I think, because we were such enemies throughout the entire Full House series.” And I think it will be a really, really fun podcast because you can see how close we are on Full House and learn that we were also really close in real life. Furthermore, I’m as of now having recollections of things that I haven’t contemplated in years.”