JoJo Siwa Knew She’d ‘Never’ Be Able to ‘Change’ Candace Cameron Bure After ‘Traditional Marriage’ Comments

JoJo Siwa has accepted that she no longer admires Cameron Candace Bure. The 20-year-old Dance Moms alum was ready to end their feud a few months after they got into a public argument last year, but then Bure, 47, made headlines with controversial remarks about “traditional marriage.”
Bure told The Wall Street Journal that the network planned to keep “traditional marriage,” or marriage between a man and a woman, “at the core” of its programming while promoting her position as chief creative officer for the conservative Great American Family channel. Siwa — who is pansexual — had a problem with Bure’s preferred idea of words.

“It was that she [wanted] to do a film about that to put down [the] LGBTQIA [community] and that she planned to explicitly make motion pictures that had no portrayal of LGBTQIA,” she cleared up for Scratch Viall, 42, on his Viall Records webcast.

Siwa continued, “It’s fine if you are doing it because it is just the storyline of your movie and it is what it is, like, not everything needs to be gay essentially.” However, when you say, “Too much is about LGBTQIA, you guys suck, and I want to make a movie about traditional marriage and you’re not traditional,” it got a little bit to me that you were doing it out of spite. She posted a statement to Instagram in November 2022, shortly after stars began to speak out against Bure’s remarks, stating that she loved “fiercely and indiscriminately” and had no intention of offending anyone with her remarks.

“I’m a committed Christian. And that implies that I accept that each person bears the picture of God,” she composed at that point. ” I am therefore obligated to love all people, and I do. Assuming you know me, you realize that I am an individual who cherishes savagely and unpredictably. My heart longs to build bridges, bring people one step closer to God, love others well, and simply be a reflection of God’s enormous love for us all.” Siwa issued her own statement, calling Bure’s remarks “rude and hurtful to a whole community of people,” after being shocked by Bure’s statement.

The Dance Moms alumnus addressed Viall, “After reading [the article], it gave me a little sense of, “OK, you and her are never going to agree, you and her are never going to be friends [or] get along.” We can both simply live our lives and I won’t be able to change her, and she won’t be able to change me.

Siwa made the observation, “But I wish she could be a little more open, a little more accepting.” I’m fine with calling her out in that way.

“[The LBGTQIA+ people group are] my kin, I must support [them],” she kept, adding that Bure’s remarks were “screwed up” and suggested that those in the LBGTQIA+ people group couldn’t likewise be “great, adoring Christians.”