Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie Will Return as ‘American Idol’ Judges for Season 22

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Relax, American Icon fans — the appointed authorities you know and love are returning for season 22! On Tuesday, ABC declared Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will get back to the passing judgment on table on American Icon next season, which will debut in spring 2024. Moreover, Ryan Seacrest will be returning as the show’s host.

Confident hopefuls can join to try out for the truth rivalry series beginning on Aug. 4 with the arrival of “Icon Across America,” the virtual cross country search that tracked down last season’s champ, Iam Tongi.

They can pick a time allotment all through August and September in view of their area or favored melodic kind, with more data accessible here. Perry, Bryan and Richie joined the hit show in 2018, when it was resuscitated by ABC following its unique 15-season run on Fox. During the latest season, the “Young Dream” vocalist, 38, started reaction among fans for different remarks she made to contenders.

In a meeting with Fox News last month, Bryan, 46, applauded Perry, who he said is accustomed to shaking off bad consideration.

“Katy Perry’s been managing stuff appreciate that her entire vocation,” he said. ” We as a whole get it… I mean, we’re passing judgment on kids that individuals at home become hopelessly enamored with. We won’t bat 1,000 as judges.”

The nation star said he trusts he and Perry as well as Richie, are in many cases set in an extreme position, as it tumbles to them to be condemning of hopefuls that watchers revere. ” I think we get set up. As judges, you know, we somewhat commit suicide a ton of times,” he said. ” Furthermore, get set up to where individuals can get extremely vocal on socials and stuff. My thing is, I think when me and Lionel and Katy take a seat at the work area, in our souls, we’re doing all that can be expected.”

Perry was the subject of some intensity from watchers this season, which started during tryouts, when she kidded that contender Sara Beth Liebe — a mother of three youngsters — had been “laying on the table excessively.”

Liebe proceeded to blame Perry for “mother disgracing” in a TikTok video, and later quit the opposition, however the “Firecracker” vocalist attempted to persuade her to remain. Liebe later offered thanks toward the show and toward Perry, inferring that the two were enjoying a positive outlook.

Then, Perry was booed during an episode of Symbol after she advised challenger Nutsa Buzaladze to wear less sparkle in front of an audience, and furthermore was reprimanded for not giving criticism to contender Wé Ani. Bryan kept on protecting Perry in his meeting with Fox News, it is unjustifiable to say the backfire.

“Katy gets singled out for going out and attempting to have some good times making a Television program,” he said. ” It causes me to see the value in her significantly more, exactly how huge of a scale she’s needed to manage that her entire vocation.”

Notwithstanding his grumbles with fan treatment toward Perry, the “Nation On” vocalist had just sure comments about Icon, saying it would be “an intense show” for the board “to leave.”

“We feel as we’re accomplishing wonderful work all in all, and we felt like this year was what we had all cooperated to get to,” Bryan said, adding that he will stay an adjudicator as long as “the energy feels like we’re on the up and up.”