Kevin Costner’s Ex Slams His Effort to Have Her Pay His Attorney Fees as ‘Unreasonable’

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Christine Costner, Kevin Costner’s estranged wife, has criticized his attempt to have her pay nearly $100,000 for his legal fees, describing it as “unreasonable.” In court records documented Thursday and got by Individuals, legal counselors for the 49-year-old mother of three have requested that the court deny the Oscar victor’s solicitation in front of a booked heading regarding this situation set for Aug. 2. The 68-year-old actor/director made the request earlier on the basis of a provision in their prenuptial agreement.

According to the prenup, “the prevailing party… shall be entitled… to be reimbursed by the non-prevailing party for all costs and expenses incurred by thereby” if either party retained legal counsel to “enforce or prevent a breach” of the agreement. According to Kevin’s legal team, Christine broke the prenuptial agreement by refusing to leave their home in Santa Barbara, California, where they lived with their three children, Grace, 13, Cayden, 16, and Hayes, 14. As indicated by the understanding, Christine had 30 days to empty the property — worth a detailed $145 million — subsequent to petitioning for legal separation. She documented a request for disintegration of marriage on May 1, meaning the cutoff time has since a long time ago elapsed.

Kevin has claimed that he tried to persuade her to move by spending a lot of money on legal representation. California Unrivaled Court Judge Thomas Anderle, who is managing the situation, has set a preliminary for November to decide the legitimacy of the early understanding. “Instead of waiting just a few months until the scheduled November trial, which will resolve what portions of the Premarital Agreement (“PMA”) are enforceable, Kevin chose to bring this separate, premature [request for order],” Christine’s attorneys stated in their Thursday filing. He requests that this Court request Christine to pay him almost $100,000, the sum he asserts it cost him to boot her (and the couples’ three youngsters when they are with her) out of their 17-year family home,” they proceeded.

They asserted the sum he is mentioning is “uncommon,” “unreasonable” and “not appropriately recorded.” “Consistently,” they proceeded, “Christine haggled sincerely and was able to move out with sensible youngster support set up.” At past hearings, Judge Anderle briefly granted Christine $129,755 each month in youngster support and requested her to move out of the St Nick Barbara home by July 31.

Judge Anderle granted Kevin’s request last week to prevent Christine from removing certain items when she leaves the house.

The order from July 14 stated, “Christine shall be permitted to remove her jewelry, clothing, handbags, and toiletries.” She is disallowed, nonetheless, from taking “some other things of property including, however not restricted to, furniture, decorations, machines and fine art.”

Christine is right now holiday in Hawaii with her kids, and she was spotted with agent Josh Connor during the excursion.