Latto Talks Wingstop Meal, ‘Surreal’ Experience Working with BTS’ Jungkook on ‘Seven’: ‘So Fulfilling

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Latto Talks Wingstop Dinner, ‘Strange’ Experience Working with BTS’ Jungkook on ‘Seven’: ‘ So Satisfying The dinner highlights 21 wings — as a tribute to her last collection, 777 — and highlights a Mediterranean dry rub, with traces of lively lemon, spice and garlic. It’s the result of her years growing up getting a charge out of Wingstop at Atlanta and comes with perfect timing for her to observe “Seven” — which has previously broken records.

Pop music, in my opinion, is more jovial and all about having fun. She describes working on pop tracks as “more barred up, lyrical, and metaphor assemblies” in her world. So [I] sort of got in the studio and just set free and simply have a great time.”

To recognize her new Wingstop organization, Latto found Individuals to talk everything Wingstop, “Seven,” and why you ought to believe somebody from Atlanta with regards to wing suggestions.
How do you feel about your new relationship? Gracious my golly, I’m sitting large and in charge. We’ve been dealing with this briefly. The cooperation has been recently so tomfoolery and natural. Last year, they supported my Christmas in Clayco occasion with my cause, and we’ve quite recently been proceeding with the relationship from that point forward. What’s more, presently, I have my own feast.

When did discusses the feast begin to start?
We’ve been chipping away at another stuff — they supported my occasions — and we just organized this new flavor. They let me be so active with the inventive control of everything, down to allowing me to pick what accompanies the feast, the direction of the dinner. So the 21 Wings is 777, which was my last collection name, and it’s simply a piece of my entire gambling club big stake tasteful with the name Latto. We’ve been honored to be so involved with this cooperation.

When did you first fall in love with Wingstop?
Me and my sister been eating Wingstop for a really long time. You know, I’m an Atlanta young lady deeply, so wings is a piece of only our way of life. So we’ve been eating Wingstop for a really long time. Whenever we need to turn on our #1 film, or I got off time and we’re watching a show, we’re requesting Wingstop with enormous farms, corn, Cajun fries, child. Therefore, the fact that it took place in this manner was just a complete circle.

In the “Don’t Play with It” remix you rap, “I simply need a 10-piece, make it all pads.” Do you believe that in some way you spoke it into existence?
You know what, we kid about that right up ’til now. I feel like I sort of showed it. In this way, hello, I will place some more stuff in my raps.

For what reason should fans trust your desire for wings?
Allow me to repeat the way that I’m from Atlanta, and wings is a piece of our way of life. You should simply follow the advice of someone from Atlanta who tells you to eat this wing. I’m from Atlanta, and I’m stepping these wings. I sat in this taste testing for quite a long time, culminating this flavor for you all. My name is being put on the line.

How’s it been to see your companions and, surprisingly, your sister give it a shot?
So fun. Everybody has been encouraged to try it. I really had every one of my companions come to the taste testing, as well. As somebody from Atlanta, you can’t mess around wings. We have literally all been waiting for the day that they dropped in the restaurant so that we could go get them whenever we wanted since the taste testing. Recently, we awakened and had Wingstop Lemon Spice Remix for breakfast. I’m not lying. You’ve never tasted anything like it, I swear to you. I sound like a vehicle sales rep, yet I truly take it that serious.

I am aware that you have had a busy few weeks in terms of collaborations, even outside of this partnership, including “Seven.”

How was your experience functioning with Jungkook?
Oh my goodness, we’ve been working on this for at least a few months. It in a real sense has been so dreamlike seeing his fanbase and the amount they support him — it’s in a real sense craftsman objectives. I was so stunned. I’m like, “Would you say you are certain you need me?” I felt such a lot of strain to make it happen, yet I was like, “Guess what? He contacted me for a reason. Allow me just to go in there and do what I excel at.” To see everyone’s response to my stanza and the amount they love it, it’s so satisfying. Ideally I get to go to Korea soon.

What did you partake in the most about shooting the video?
I cherished the treatment. The entire plot perfectly matches the song, and he was so fun to work with on set. He is simply a humble individual. “Oh my gosh, he’s literally a superstar and don’t even act like it,” I thought to myself. His entire group, everyone on set was exceptionally inviting, without a doubt.

Now back to the meal. What have the fan responses been like?
It’s been so amusing to watch them hit on an obvious conclusion. But when I finally did, I was ecstatic—I was about to say, “Spill the Wings,” to spill the beans. You can go through my DMs and see everyone getting it or at Wingstop, tasting it. I was adding everything to my [Instagram] Stories, simply watching it back multiple times. It’s hundreds or thousands — anyway many individuals around here — going to Wingstop and eating wings with my name on them. Crazy.

All in all, have you had the option to stroll within a Wingstop and request any yet?
No, I have not. I in a real sense had a video shoot yesterday, so I needed to arrange them on Uber Eats. However, I will make my TikTok going to Wingstop. I simply need to go in there and see my name on that menu board. There’s nothing more to it.