Leaker Has Bad News for Those Looking Forward to the Last of Us Multiplayer Game

A dependable leaker, popular for breaking other issues on everyone’s mind including The Remainder of Us establishment, has placed the last nail in the casket for fans anticipating a multiplayer tie-in for the series. Fans have been sitting tight for news about a multiplayer game set in The Remainder of Us universe since Section 2 was delivered in 2020, and with every one of the bits of hearsay whirling around about the game’s possible destiny, things are not looking really great for the fanbase.

Multiplayer modes are not another idea with regards to The Remainder of Us. The main game had a multiplayer mode called Groups MP that permitted players to bring the vital and serious interactivity from the mission to an internet setting a very long time after the episode. At the point when the spin-off was delivered, fans expected a multiplayer mode, yet all things considered, Devious Canine guaranteed that a different multiplayer-put together game or add-with respect to would emerge sometime in the not too distant future. The Remainder of Us Section 2 sets up a multiplayer game in its story by acquainting the player with every one of the potential groups that could appear. There’s the Washington Freedom Front (WLF), the main adversary bunch that runs Seattle; The Seraphites, a strict faction that venerates a departed prophet; The Rattlers, a threatening biker pack; furthermore, obviously, the Fireflies, an aggressor bunch most popular for their significant job in the primary game.

ViewerAnon, a notable and dependable leaker, let the cat out of the bag about another Last of Us multiplayer game to Twitter client MHM. In the post, MHM was answering the news that Anders Howard, the Essential Adaptation Planner, left the organization following 11 months, saying that the fans ought to acknowledge that the multiplayer game is reasonable dropped, and if it somehow managed to emerge, then, at that point, that would be a wonderful little treat. ViewerAnon finished all expectation with his Star Trip related reaction: ” It’s dead, Jim.”

ViewerAnon is the very leaker who uncovered that The Remainder of Us Section 3 was being developed in December of last year and that the voice entertainer for Ellie, Ashley Johnson, would play Anna in the HBO transformation. There have been many bits of hearsay about this establishment recently, including a potential remaster for The Remainder of Us Section 2 for the PS5.

Regardless of whether the multiplayer game never comes around, basically fans can follow all of The Remainder of Us Section 3 tales while they sit tight for its possible delivery. Likewise, consistently conceivable Section 3 will have its very own multiplayer method.

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