Lies of P Developer Confirms DLC is in Development

Another posting on Neowiz’s site affirms that the as of late delivered Lies of P is getting DLC, with advancement on it having begun. The Pinocchio-motivated soulslike game sent off this past September, and has turned into somewhat of a sleeper hit in a year loaded with exceptionally expected and generally welcomed games. Lies of P’s generally sure impressions have made it a champion game for the non mainstream studio, where gamers have commended it as a title that can remain close by FromSoftware’s different titles. Lies of P’s positive characteristics appear to be going on onwards, as Neowiz has affirmed it has started creation on its DLC.

DLC in Soulsborne games have raised or enhance a generally rock solid experience by adding another world to investigate, alongside prisons and supervisors to vanquish that are in some cases harder than the ones saw as in the base game. Lies of P had prodded gamers with a continuation in its post-credits scene, which gave traces of where the game could pursue the fundamental story. With the game’s ongoing achievement, it’s probable not unexpected for see that Neowiz has begun creation on DLC for the fantasy motivated soulslike.

This was affirmed on the distributer’s site which records various open situations at the organization. One of these positions incorporates a DLC Content Organizer for Lies of P, which subtleties a portion of the position’s liabilities and a synopsis of the game, which incorporates its point of making a bent rendition of the Pinocchio fantasy. The position additionally states how DLC is made arrangements for creation, so these positions show that the DLC is still in early turn of events. Other basic positions incorporate a Journey organizer and situation essayist.

Many fans were exceptionally eager to hear the game would get DLC, some alluding to Lies of P’s previously mentioned post credits scene as a potential heading concerning where it could head, where it makes reference to “Dorothy,” logical alluding to one more exemplary fantasy, The Superb Wizard of Oz. Others trusted that the DLC didn’t circle back to that plot string, as its reason is sufficiently large to be put something aside for a legitimate spin-off of Lies of P. One more subset of fans accepted that the DLC could assist with tieing the base game and post credits scene together and provide hints on the guidance of a spin-off.

Lies of P is turning into an acclaimed dream experience, with its one of a kind interpretation of the exemplary fantasy making it stick out. This incorporates the exemplary manikin symbolism being curved into upsetting robots and using special mechanics that depend on its source material. Neowiz and co-engineer Round8 have a ton to pull from for motivation in regards to DLC, so it will be fascinating to see what heading the DLC will head down.

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