Lindsie Chrisley heartbroken over son missing imprisoned grandparents: ‘God has a plan’

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Lindsie Chrisley has opened up on the tragic response her child Jackson had subsequent to understanding that his grandparents are in jail. The 33-year-old opened up on Instagram about the most difficult challenges she has faced as a mother as she continues to co-parent 11-year-old Jackson with ex-husband Will Campbell.

Jackson has also been affected by the imprisonment of her father, Todd Chrisley, and his wife, Julie, according to Lindsie. The Chrisleys were condemned to a joined 19 years in jail for extortion and tax avoidance in November 2022.

Julie, 50, will spend the next seven years in Florida’s Federal Correctional Institution and Federal Prison Camp Marianna while Todd begins his 12-year sentence in January. She will likewise carry out 16 months on assessment whenever she is let out of jail. According to Lindsie, whom Todd shares with Teresa Terry, “On our way to the beach, I saw Jackson notice the signs to Pensacola, Florida and began looking around without saying much to me.”

“I saw he was watching my non-verbal communication and looks as he generally does. He asked me if he could “feel his papa’s air” by opening the sunroof. Lindsie conceded that she’s “eternity attempting to do your thought process is best without realizing the result is unimaginably troublesome.” The influencer stated that she prohibits her son from visiting his jailed grandparents and that the “hard decisions parents face every day are not talked about enough”

She shared, “Knowing Jackson misses his grandparents, even seeing that he has sent them text messages to phones they don’t have when I turn off his phone at night absolutely shatters me.” “Knowing Jackson misses his grandparents,” she said. Realizing my choice with respect to Jackson visiting my folks in the jail climate depends on what the court chooses in regard to their allure is causing more grief. I trust God has an arrangement.

Although Lindsie hasn’t been as vocal about her father’s time in prison as her siblings have been, she did say in April that Todd has made “great friends” in prison. His spirits are perfect,” she said on PodcastOne’s The Southern Tea at that point. ” He is simply embracing the cycle there and making the best of the interaction there with individuals that are additionally there spending time in jail with him.”

After being released from prison, he will also be subject to 16 months of probation. He has made wonderful friends. He discusses his companions there,” she added.

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