Megan Thee Stallion Raps in Wild Trailer for A24’s First Musical

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Megan Thee Stallion will participate in A24’s first movie musical with her skills. On Thursday, A24 appeared the trailer for Dicks: The Melodic, which includes the rapper as the manager of two New York City financial specialists who acknowledge they are tragically missing twins and attempt to rejoin their folks.

The trailer presents screenwriters Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp as Craig Tiddle and Trevor Brock, two self-important financial specialists who acknowledge they each own one portion of a heart-molded memento that demonstrates they are siblings.

The newfound brothers try to get their divorced parents, Megan Mullally and Nathan Lane, to get back together between this discovery and their boss’s claim that they look like twins. The plot is similar to that of the 1998 Lindsay Lohan movie The Parent Trap.
Megan, 28, raps in the trailer about the business her personality runs, while the siblings’ folks examine what to do since their children have seen as one another. An authority summary depicts the film as a “wildly entertaining and debased melodic.”

According to a synopsis, the movie’s trailer shows musical numbers like “Gay Old Life,” “All Love Is Love,” “Out-Alpha The Alpha,” and “The Sewer Song” as well as Bowen Yang’s performance as God. Megan’s contribution in the film was first announced in February 2022, when the task was as yet named F- – – ing Indistinguishable Twins.

Her role comes after she made a cameo appearance in the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Lawyer at Regulation and reports that she will likewise show up in the following film from Whole Pearls chief Josh Safdie and Adam Sandler. The new movie is coordinated by Larry Charles, who is most popular for his work with Sacha Noble Cohen on the hit comedies Borat, Brüno and The Despot, and as a maker on Seinfeld and Control Your Energy.
Screenwriters and lead entertainers Jackson and Sharp both make their element film debuts in the film subsequent to functioning as entertainers and journalists on various TV creations lately.
Dicks: The Melodic will make its reality debut as the premiere night film at Toronto Worldwide Film Celebration’s 12 PM Frenzy program. The film is in theaters Sept. 29.