NeNe Leakes Confirms She and Boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh Are ‘Taking a Break

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NeNe Leakes has placed her relationship on hold. During section 1 of her meeting with previous Genuine Housewives of Atlanta maker Carlos Ruler on his Existence with the Lord web recording, the 55-year-old reality star shared that she and beau Nyonisela Sioh are not at present together.

“Today, we are having some time off. We’ve been enjoying some time off,” Leakes affirmed on Tuesday’s episode. ” It’s … things I’m not content with, things he’s not content with. It’s simply not working right now,” she said, prior to kidding, “He is single so assuming that any of the women out there need to holla at him, go for it.” Leakes was first sincerely connected to Sioh when they ventured out clasping hands while leaving a Miami Ocean side eatery in December 2021. Soon after, a source let Individuals know that the two were dating, denoting the truth star’s most memorable relationship following her significant other Gregg Leakes’ demise from colon malignant growth that September.

At that point, an insider let Individuals know that NeNe “can’t quit grinning” around her new man, whom she met through previous RHOA costar Cynthia Bailey’s ex Peter Thomas.

“It’s still extremely new yet she’s practically similar to a young person with him, simply light and giggly and feeling those new relationship butterflies,” the insider said. In January 2022, Leakes showed her beau some affection on Instagram, sharing a few photographs of the style planner on her Story close by a sweet message. ” The manner in which you love on me and deal with me… appreciative!” she composed over a photograph of Sioh presenting in a disguise suit.

A half year after the fact, the pair strolled honorary pathway together at the 2022 BET Grants, wearing integral 12 PM blue looks. At the occasion, Leakes drilled down into how her relationship with Sioh had helped her after she lost her significant other.

“I can’t say [Nyonisela] hasn’t assisted me with putting a grin all over,” she told Extra.

She added that to find satisfaction, “You must be blissful, and you need to make a great deal of changes inside yourself.” Their relationship hit a concise obstacle last June when Sioh’s alienated spouse Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh sued Leakes for causing her profound trouble, embarrassment and even loss of warmth for Sioh and blamed her for separating their marriage.

TMZ detailed at the time that Tehmeh-Sioh looked for more than $100,000 in penalties for the separation of her marriage, which is a legitimate motivation to sue in the province of North Carolina.

After fresh insight about the claim broke, Leakes posted a video on Instagram saying that the story was mistaken. ” I’m now over here a spouse stealer, and this is excessively,” she said. ” Also, ain’t no one around here taking spouses. Is it true or not that they are? I could never. No one needs to take no other person’s concerns, honey.” While circumstances at last didn’t pan out with Sioh, the truth star told Ruler during their webcast talk that she’s gained a significant example from her experience with him.

“My next relationship will be totally private,” she demanded. ” This was the most open I think I’ve at any point been in any relationship — it’s more open than Gregg’s. What’s more, I simply feel like being private is ideal.”

Furthermore, she knows precisely very thing she’s searching for in her next significant other. ” I know from dating Nyoni, and Nyoni has an extraordinary vocation and brings in extraordinary cash … I simply believe that my person should get more cash-flow than me. I truly do,” she shared. In any case, she conceded she doesn’t think she’ll at any point in the future find the sort of profound love she had with her late spouse, whom she marry in 1997 preceding separating in 2011 and remarrying in 2013. ” My affection with Gregg was a definitive, and I feel like you simply don’t find love like that. I don’t realize I’ll at any point find that once more. I simply don’t,” she told Lord.

Yet, she’s as yet confident she’ll meet somebody unique one day soon.

“I believe that I’ll track down an extraordinary person to consume my time on earth with. Be that as it may, Gregg, he was pretty was up there. It will be difficult to get up there. I truly want to believe that I meet an extraordinary person, however — and I’m available to all nationalities,” she said, with a chuckle and a little dance.