Jamie Foxx helps woman in Chicago, ‘feels good’ after mystery illness

Once more, Jamie Foxx was seen in Chicago assisting a woman who had misplaced her bag. One of the “Beam” star’s male fans in the Blustery City shared a video Monday of Foxx returning his mom’s satchel to her after she had lost it. The video’s caption read, “Mom lost her bag in Chicago today Jamie fox [sic] found it and brought it to her and he said he feels good y’all god is good.”

After handing over the purse, Foxx can be seen in the video getting back into a black SUV and leaving with a hand signal that reads “hang loose.” Before Foxx drove off, the lucky woman in the video yelled, “Thank you, Jamie.” The recording comes closely following the Oscar-winning entertainer venturing out freely interestingly since his puzzling “unexpected problem” that hospitalized him in Georgia.

A few weeks later, Foxx, 55, went to a top physical rehabilitation center in Chicago, where he has been seeking treatment ever since. Over the weekend, the actor from “Dreamgirls” was seen aboard a boat traveling down the Chicago River to promote his alcohol brand, Brown Sugar Bourbon. Naturally, Foxx’s first tweet since his health scare was about his upcoming event. “Boat life 🦊 Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn,” he composed. ” Be blessed!

Saturday, he was also seen at a Topgolf driving range in Naperville, Illinois, where a witness reported that Foxx had a “strong” swing. A witness told TMZ that “he was walking regular, not dragging his leg.” He clearly moved his arms well. He was just like any other Jamie. The root of the actor’s health issues has not been made public by him or his daughter Corinne from “Django Unchained.” In any case, a rep for Foxx destroyed a paranoid notion that guaranteed the Coronavirus immunization caused his hospitalization, referring to the gossip as “totally off base.”

Corinne, 29, likewise affirmed that her dad had been “out of the emergency clinic for a really long time” after a misleading report guaranteed their family was “planning for just horrible.” In May, she posted a message to her Instagram Story that read, “Sad to see how the media runs wild.”

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Teresa Giudice’s daughter Milania lost 40 pounds after ‘RHONJ’ star guilted her about food

Milania Giudice, the daughter of Teresa Giudice, said that she lost 40 pounds in two months while she was in middle school because her mother and sisters encouraged her to lose weight. “I weighed to such an extent. Milania, who is now 17 years old, spoke on Teresa’s “Namaste B$tches” podcast on Wednesday. “My heaviest was like 150, and then when I was done [losing weight], I was like 110,” she said.

“I was so thin after that. I literally resembled a stick. I was so thin on the grounds that I just worked out, yet I felt better.” Milania explained that while the “Genuine Housewives of New Jersey” star, 51, never expressly pushed her to work out or eat better, she got on unobtrusive clues. “My mom would — she never said anything to me — but she would say, “Oh, you’re gonna have another ice cream?”” she reviewed on the PodcastOne show.

The high schooler kidded that at that point, she would snap back at her mother and tell her, “‘I couldn’t care less assuming I’m fat!’ I would think, “If I’m fat, I’m fat.” Whatever. This is my life.’ She went on to say, “I’d be like, “Mom, don’t say anything to me.” “If I want another ice cream, I want another ice cream!” Milania’s three sisters, Gia, 22, Gabriella, 18, and Audriana, 13, were somewhat more immediate with their methodologies.

I was constantly the target of jabs from my sisters. Like, ‘Goodness, you will have one more frozen yogurt after supper?’ It wasn’t a problem because they would always hit me with little jabs. She stated that it was whatever. Nonetheless, Milania underlined that she pursued her own choice to get more fit one day, and “it recently clicked, and I did it.” Milania, who described herself as a “full-on pumpkin” when she was younger, said that she started her “glow-up” after “literally feeling suffocated in my own body.”

Following that, Teresa employed a nutritionist, who provided Milania with the “healthiest meals” three times per day. She likewise worked out two times per day: prior to school and later. “It happens to everyone. She elaborated, “You go through a glow-up in your life.” I had my sparkle up when I was hitting eighth grade, I’d say.” Milania shared that she eventually put some of the weight back on, but that she now feels “good” about her body. Teresa then reiterated that the teen was always “adorable” and “beautiful” to her.

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‘Mission: Impossible’ star Hayley Atwell addresses Tom Cruise dating rumors

Hayley Atwell at last shut down years-long dating reports encompassing her and “Mission: Incomprehensible” co-star Tom Journey. Saturday, the actress told the “Independent” that she doesn’t see him as a love interest, but rather as “sort of two uncles” with director Chris McQuarrie. Atwell, 41, noted over the course of the end of the week that the “unusual [romance] bits of gossip” felt “filthy” and “dingy.”

“It’s not what I’m about,” she said. Why are assumptions and projections made about my relationship with my boss and coworkers? Atwell – who got connected with to arranger Ned Wolfgang Kelly in April – hammered the reports as “disturbing” and “obtrusive” on the grounds that “it’s affecting individuals in my genuine life, my own life, who must be forced to bear that.”

Fortunately for the actress from “Agent Carter,” she leaned on Cruise, who told her to ignore the headlines. “At the point when I’ve conversed with him about it, he’d be like, ‘You know precisely what your identity is. You understand what you’re about. Furthermore, that is the main thing that is important. If you are honest with yourself and know your values, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, Atwell said.

In late 2020, a source told The Sun that she and the 61-year-old “hit it off from day one” while filming “Mission: Impossible 2. Inconceivable — Dead Retribution Section One.” In the midst of the conversation, the couple kept a low profile, but when they went to the Wimbledon finals together in July of the following year, they got people talking again. As they promoted “Mission:,” speculation resurfaced. Inconceivable Dead Retribution Section Two” throughout recent months.

Atwell even spouted to Diversion This evening in June about the “Top Weapon” entertainer surprising her grandma with a ride in a “helicopter on Christmas Eve and … a visit through London.” She told the publication last month, “I didn’t tell her it was coming, because I knew that she wouldn’t — there’s no way she would get into a helicopter.” Atwell spouted that her grandma had the “most brilliant time” with the “beguiling” and “kind” Journey.

Atwell proposed two months earlier while on vacation in Venice in April. Journey, as far as it matters for him, as of late ignited sentiment bits of gossip with Shakira. The “Downpour Man” entertainer was spotted hanging with the “Hips Don’t Lie” songstress at the Equation 1 Thousand Prix in Miami in May, with a source telling Page Six at the time that Journey was “very keen on seeking after her.” Voyage imparts 17-year-old girl Suri to his ex Katie Holmes, whom he was hitched to from 2006 to 2012. He additionally embraced little girl Isabella, 30, and child Connor, 28, while wedded to Nicole Kidman.

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Kim Kardashian is ‘freaking out’ after spotting eerie figure in photo while home alone

In the background of a selfie that Kim Kardashian took while she was alone at home, she noticed a ghoulish figure in the shape of a woman. The star of “Kardashians” posted a message on Instagram on Sunday that read, “So I took this picture last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window.” The photograph showed a cosmetics free Kardashian, 42, wearing a pink outfit stuck for changes with a major, chaotic bun on her head. Behind her, the outline of what seemed, by all accounts, to be a lady wearing a hat should have been visible in the glass.

A few of the truth star’s devotees overflowed the remarks segment to offer potential clarifications of what the apparently paranormal movement might have been. “It’s the individual taking your estimations! Duh! “,” one fan suggested, referring to the dress’s incomplete tailoring. “It’s Todd Kraines !” a second kidded, alluding to Scott Disick’s comedian modify self image from “Staying aware of the Kardashians.” “It’s simply your appearance,” somebody remarked tersely.

A fourth individual jokingly stated, “She’s trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty.” One shocked fan said, “That is literally a woman in a bonnet I—.” “For what reason does it appear as though one of the handmaidens from the handmaids story however 😂,” one more composed. “That makes me think of ET!” a netizen added.

“Oh, pray! Pray ! Open each entryway and window in your home and rehash with respect to me and my home we will serve the ruler !” An anxious Instagram user made a comment. Another person said of Kim’s sister Kourtney Kardashian, “It’s just Kourtney.” Kourtney, 44, and the founder of Skims have had a heated argument, which is currently being played out on Season 3 of “The Kardashians.”

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The Poosh pioneer has had it out for her sister after Kim collaborated with Dolce and Gabbana after the style house facilitated Kourtney’s luxurious Italian wedding to Travis Barker in May 2022. Kourtney, who got married in Portofino in a white D&G corset dress with a custom lace veil, said that Kim didn’t care how she felt when she signed a deal with the luxury designer.

In a June episode of the family’s Hulu show, she told her half-sister Kendall Jenner, “It’s not like I did their campaign and she did their campaign right after.” It’s my genuine wedding. I didn’t see that as a business deal. I did it because it made me feel very special. Kourtney also said that Kim’s campaign with Dolce & Gabbana was “legit just copying [her] wedding.” She said that they both chose their wedding outfits from the company’s 1990s archives.

On the episode of “The Kardashians” that aired last week, the sisters had a heated but respectful discussion about their differences. However, Kim admitted in a confessional that Kourtney had copied her wedding to Kanye West’s ex-husband in Italy. “I tied the knot in Italy. Am I implying that you have imitated me by marrying in Italy? Kim stated.

“Who performed at my wedding? Bocelli, Andrea Who performed at Kourtney’s wedding? Bocelli, Andrea You snatched away my wedding performer and my country. Andrea Bocelli is my number one male artist ever, yet I’m replicating her dolce vida way of life? OK.” Kim wedded the rapper, presently 46, in May 2014, however they finished their separation last year. They share four children: North, 10, Holy person, 7, Chicago, 5, and Song, 4.

Still, Kim said she understood where the rage was coming from and apologised for hurting the Lemme founder’s feelings. Even Bocelli, 64, commented on the conflict and thanked both reality stars for being such ardent supporters. On his Instagram Story, he wrote, “Dear @kimkardashian and @kourtneykardash, I’m so flattered that you both love my voice and I’ll always be happy to sing to you.”

“However, keep in mind that your mother, Kris Jenner, is very familiar with a younger artist named Matteo Bocelli who is far more helpful. Until next time in Tuscany!” Matteo Bocelli, 25, broadly performed with his dad at Kourtney’s wedding to Squint 182 drummer. Kourtney made the announcement that she was expecting her first child with Barker in June. With her ex-partner Disick, 40, she already has Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, 8.

Collin Gosselin accuses mom Kate of taking divorce ‘anger and frustration’ out on him

Collin Gosselin is reflecting negatively on his time spent living under Kate Gosselin’s roof. In a preview of the Friday release of Vice TV’s documentary “Dark Side of the 2000s,” the 19-year-old said that his mother had taken “out her anger and frustration” about her divorce from Jon Gosselin in 2009.

I am aware that my mother was going through a lot. At the end of the day, a separation and a lot of various things that can’t be not difficult to go through,” Collin said in the clasp. He asserted, “And, you know, I want to think that she needed someone to take out her anger and frustration on, and that it was just kind of me.” I is standing out and I was there. Thus, she selected me.

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In addition, Collin acknowledged that despite the fact that he was not a “perfect child,” he believes that his “misbehavior was no different than” that of his siblings: Madelyn and Cara, twins who are 22 years old, and other sextuplets Leah, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, and Joel. Hannah likewise addressed the source for the narrative, which comes out July 18.

She claimed that “[Collin] would be separated from us.” He wouldn’t get to play outside with us, for example. He and we would have dinner at different times. She added, referring to her brother, who spent years in a mental health facility, that “I don’t think effort was made in the home to help him learn what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not acceptable.”

Since moving in with his father, 46, in 2018, Collin has talked about how he has no relationship with his mother, who is 48 years old. In November 2022, the teen revealed to “Entertainment Tonight” that, despite the fact that he is estranged from the “Kate Plus Date” alum, he is “doing very well” without her in his life and will not “sit around and mourn and cry about” the situation.

He stated, “If she doesn’t want to show up, she doesn’t have to,” indicating that the reality star’s absence from his custody hearing in 2018 did not “bother” him. While Kate stood out as truly newsworthy for going to his and Hannah’s graduation last month, she supposedly scorned Collin and didn’t address him. In a June Instagram post, he reciprocated by praising Jon’s ex-wife Colleen Conrad and omitting Kate.

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Elon Musk, 52, challenges Mark Zuckerberg to ‘d–k measuring contest’ as Twitter users flock to Threads

In a bizarre tweet on Sunday, Elon Musk challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a “d–k measuring contest.” This was a new low for Musk. The Twitter proprietor, a 52-year-old grown-up and father of 10, made the recommendation — complete with an emoticon of a ruler, in view obviously — hours subsequent to calling the Facebook prime supporter a “cuck.”

Since Zuckerberg, 39, launched Threads as a Twitter competitor last week, the two billionaires’ animosity has only grown. However, Musk’s most recent posts were the straw that broke the camel’s back for some long-term Twitter clients who have considered dumping the laid out web-based entertainment stage for its promising new rival. One person wrote, “This is getting out of hand.” Another person agreed, saying, “I’m getting a f–k ton of second hand embarrassment rn.” Others criticized Musk’s penis-comparing rant as “embarrassing” and “corny,” describing it as “middle school behavior.” Another person made a joke, “How do I unsee this tweet please?”

Meta, the tech conglomerate that owns and operates Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, among other social media platforms, has also been threatened with legal action as a result of the Tesla CEO’s tantrum. Alex Spiro, Musk’s attorney, wrote a letter to Zuckerberg on Wednesday, claiming that Meta had engaged in “systematic, willful, and unlawful misappropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.” A spokesperson for the company denied this claim.

However, it is evident that the online drama has not stopped people from checking out Threads, which became the fastest-growing online platform in history after gaining more than 100 million users in less than five days. Because of this, some critics have referred to Threads as the “Twitter killer,” and one business analyst has even stated, “The cage match has started, and Zuckerberg delivered a major blow.”

Jamie Foxx smiles and waves from boat in first sighting since hospitalization

After his enigmatic “medical complication” in April, Jamie Foxx appears to be in good spirits. The “Day Shift” entertainer was seen grinning and hurling the gesture of goodwill in a video got by TMZ as he traveled down the Chicago Waterway on a boat Sunday. The “Beam” star, 55, was wearing an all-dark outfit with pilot conceals for the end of the week outing. At least two other passengers joined him.

It denoted whenever that Foxx first has been seen in broad daylight since his hospitalization. He has not yet addressed the health scare in public. On April 12, Foxx was admitted to a hospital in Georgia, as his oldest daughter Corinne posted on social media. We wanted to let you know that Jamie Foxx, my father, had a medical problem yesterday. She wrote at the time, “He is already on his way to recovery, fortunately, due to quick action and great care.” Foxx imparts Corinne to his ex Connie Kline. Annalise Bishop, his 14-year-old daughter with Kristin Grannis, is also his second child.

At the time that his family traveled to be by his side, a source told TMZ that the actor’s unidentified condition was “serious enough.” He had been working with Cameron Diaz on the Netflix movie “Back in Action” prior to the medical emergency. Despite Foxx’s hospitalization, Diaz continued to shoot additional scenes alongside his body double. When the “Just Mercy” star will begin filming again is unknown.

Page Six learned last month from a family member that the secrecy surrounding his condition has caused them to worry about how his career might be affected in the future. “Back in Action’s” future is also uncertain.

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Kim Zolciak brags about ‘great’ marriage to Kroy Biermann in ‘RHOA’ return

Just a few months before Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann filed for divorce, she sang a very different song about her marriage. The truth star made her fabulous re-visitation of “Genuine Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday and went to a gathering supper with Shereé Whitfield, DeShawn Snow, and Lisa Wu during which she gloated about her 11-year marriage.

“Would you like to know what’s really amusing? When Zolciak first met Whitfield more than a decade ago, she told Whitfield, “He said before I ever saw him, when I came up to that room to see you, he saw me from afar and said, ‘I just knew [you were the one] when I saw you.'” “We’re doing great because we’re still married after 11 years. So I texted the right person no matter what I did.

The gathering supper seems to have occurred about several months prior to the now-accommodated couple started a horrible separation fight. Zolciak, 45, and the previous Atlanta Hawks player, 37, each petitioned for disintegration toward the beginning of May considering serious monetary issues — and very quickly started evening out outrageous allegations against the other.

While Biermann claimed that Zolciak had a crippling gambling addiction that “financially devastated” their family, the founder of Kashmere Kollections claimed that her then-estranged husband had substance abuse issues and demanded that he undergo a drug test.

However, the long-term couple was photographed accompanying their four biological children to a church service after two months of conflict.

On Friday, Zolciak formally recorded to cancel her separation from Biermann — however he presently couldn’t seem to do likewise.
A subsequent source let us know that the couple’s friends and family had been empowering them to overcome their misfortunes — for their family as well as for themselves.

“Kim and Kroy’s internal circle has been empowering them to figure out through their problems,” the source shared.

“Their friends are hopeful that they will be able to really make it work, not just for their kids but also because they still have a genuine love for each other,”

Maria Menounos reveals scars from pancreatic cancer surgery in bikini selfie

The entertainment journalist posted a bikini selfie on Instagram Sunday showing her surgery scars two months after revealing her battle with pancreatic cancer. “I think back on a medical procedure recently and am thankful for the strength god favored me with to overcome and obviously every one of the lovely people that he shipped off help me as well!” The bathing suit photo was captioned by Menounos, 45.

“Presently I see the scars that I sunscreen up cautiously to safeguard and I grin ❤️,” she proceeded. The Daytime Emmy champ smiled in the online entertainment transfer while standing shoeless in her washroom in an earthy colored two-piece and white concealment.

Menounos’ Instagram devotees applauded the image in the remarks. One fan exclaimed, “Glad you wear your battle scars proudly, as do I. You look beautiful.” One more added, “Those aren’t scars Maria those are Hero wounds generally recall that.” Menounos was determined to have stage 2 of the sickness in January, going through a medical procedure the next month to eliminate a cancer, part of her pancreas, her spleen, an enormous fibroid and 17 lymph hubs.

At the time, the former “Extra” correspondent kept her health problems from the public and her baby’s surrogate. She didn’t tell People about her recovery until June. “I had that second where I assumed I was a goner,” she uncovered. ” However, I am fine because I discovered this early enough. Menounos talked about how her tumor doubled in size while doctors said she was “fine” before she was diagnosed in an episode of the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat” last week.

She told the people who were listening, “The radiologist went back and he was able to see it. He did an addendum and said, “Yes, now that we know it was there, we’re able to see it is there.””

Menounos also said that she thinks stress caused both the benign brain tumor she had removed in 2017 and her pancreatic cancer.

The entertainer is presently expecting her most memorable kid with spouse Keven Undergaro following 10 years of richness battles.

The couple, who have been hitched beginning around 2017, uncovered in April that their impending appearance is a child young lady.

Erin Andrews, husband Jarret Stoll welcome first baby via surrogate

We can solely uncover that the sportscaster and previous NHL player invited a child kid through proxy two or three weeks prior. We hear they named their infant Mack, and the pair commended their child shower in June at Harriet’s in West Hollywood, Calif.

Reps for the couple didn’t return Page Six’s various solicitations for input. Andrews, 45, has been trying to get pregnant for about a decade. She said earlier this year that the “most challenging” part of her life has been going through IVF for nine years. “It’s difficult. In January, Andrews told Us Weekly that it had been “one of the most challenging things in my life, and I know it has been in my husband’s life as well.”

I’m doing fine. We’re getting along nicely.”

The 41-year-old sideline reporter and Stoll began dating in 2012 and got engaged in Disneyland in December 2016. Six months later, the long-term couple got married in Montana.

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In August 2021, Andrews wrote openly about her IVF journey on her blog, “The Real Deal with Erin Andrews.” She said that she had to balance working 14 hours a day with the “time-consuming and emotionally draining process.”

“This is my seventh one, and I’ve been going through these medicines since I was 35 years of age,” she said at that point, adding that her more established age didn’t make IVF simpler.

She wrote, “It’s a ton of money, it’s a ton of time, it’s a ton of mental and physical anguish, and they’re unsuccessful more often than not.”

The Wear by Erin Andrews pioneer said she chose to share her barrenness fight since she understood “such countless individuals are managing exactly the same thing.”

Is it necessary for me to publish everything? Probably not, but “maybe we could start support groups or foundations for it,” she told Us Weekly, “if I can give comfort to other people and bring things up in a discussion where people feel a little easier about bringing it up or talking about it.”

“It’s only nothing to be humiliated about, particularly when such countless individuals are going through it.”

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