‘Pitch Perfect’ star Ben Platt cuts interview short over ‘nepo baby’ question

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That came to an abrupt end. Rolling Stone cut short Ben Platt’s interview on Friday because the reporter asked the “Pitch Perfect” star about a previous article that referred to him as a “nepo baby.”

“You were featured on the cover of the Nepo Baby issue of New York Magazine. I’m interested, what was your reaction from that is perspective? Furthermore, what do you think about that entire talk?,” writer EJ Dickson asked Platt at that point.

He replied, “We’re going to skip right over that if we can.” After Dickson affirmed that Platt had “no remark,” the entertainer’s marketing specialist additionally ringed in to demand the questioner stick to inquiries concerning his client’s film “Theater Camp.”

According to Rolling Stone, the interview abruptly ended about halfway through the 45-minute time limit.

Dickson was referring to a December 2022 article that highlighted how prevalent nepotism is in Hollywood by linking Platt and other stars to their famous family lines. Platt was one of many stars who made the cover — with his face photoshopped onto a child’s body. At that point, the expression “nepo child” was pushed into the standard web-based discussion, with web clients getting down on Platt for his popular family ties, too.

While Platt won a Tony for his lead job in “Dear Evan Hanson,” virtual entertainment detectives brought up years after the fact that the entertainer’s well known father, Marc Platt, had delivered the film.

The uber maker pops has chipped away at film industry hits, for example, “Legitimately Blonde” and “Fantasy world.” Since Ben’s off-kilter second with Drifter was disclosed, Twitter clients have rushed to rustle up more intensity for his non-reply.

“Ben Platt had MONTHS to come up with a response to questions about nepotism that didn’t seem out of touch, and this is what he went with?” one Twitter client composed.

The “nepo baby drama,” in the words of a second user, “will never die.” Ben platt declining to concede hes a nepo child is so insane… sir u [sic] have a tony we definitely know ur [sic] capable it isn’t so enormous of an arrangement,” a third composed.

While Ben partook in the meeting to earn exposure for his impending parody — which is co-coordinated by individual nepo-child amigo Molly Gordon — it seems like the one inquiry he expected to brush over has taken the spotlight.

His reps didn’t promptly return Page Six’s solicitation for input on the backfire.

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