Rod Stewart Brings Baby Grandsons on Stage for the First Time

Bar Stewart partook in an exceptional second throughout the end of the week with his grandsons. On Saturday, the 78-year-old vocalist removed time from a presentation in Spain to welcome newborn child grandsons Louie and Otis in front of an audience with him for the absolute first time.

The two most youthful grandkids of the “Maggie May” entertainer came in front of an audience with their mothers, Ruby Stewart and Nicole Artukovich, life partner of Liam Stewart, 28. Ruby, 35, and her life partner, Jake Kalic, invited their child Otis on May 9. Liam, 28, and life partner Nicole Artukovich ‘s child Louie showed up three days after the fact on May 12. The young men are each couple’s most memorable kid together.

Ruby later shared a photograph on her Instagram Story where Otis wore outside sound blocking earphones as he put his hand over his face.

“Grandads creation was excessively brilliant and uproarious for my preferring,” she subtitled the sweet photograph. The 78-year-old vocalist shared a photograph of himself sitting with his two most youthful grandkids, Louie and Otis, during a sweet holding meeting on his Instagram Story Sunday.

In the photograph, Stewart held his grandsons in each arm as they sat roosted on his legs.

“Louie on the conservative — Otis on the left wing — Grandad down the center,” the gushing granddad subtitled the post.