Savannah Chrisley Says She’s Against ‘B.S.’ Family Documentary: ‘The Truth Just Wasn’t Behind It’

Savannah Chrisley is clearing up everything on the supposed narrative about her well-known family. The Chrisley Realizes Best alum shut down the chance of herself and her family members being engaged with a forthcoming narrative, guaranteeing that any undertaking on Todd and Julie Chrisley’s misrepresentation preliminary wouldn’t be “precise.”

“Chase [Chrisley] and I strongly opposed the production of a documentary due to the absence of the truth.” Furthermore, from the very first moment, I have said, no, no, no, no. In an Instagram Story posted on Thursday, Savannah, 25, stated, “Neither the children nor Chase were cooperating.” Any narrative that really does happen is undeniably dependent on lies in light of the fact that, by the day’s end, mother and father aren’t involved, how would you get the full truth? They ought to have the option to share their side of any story that is being told. Also, me, as their full legal authority, I, clearly, know reality. That is exactly what it is.” The host of PodcastOne’s Opened likewise noticed that she doesn’t accept “any other person will be ready to tell the exact truth”Of her family’s story.

“Thus, as of now, any narrative that occurs, is B.S.,” she added. ” It’s completely false and you will see on our new unscripted TV drama all that is going down.” Savannah, in any case, developed the Chrisley family’s impending unscripted TV drama, which is the first since her folks answered to jail in January. ” Me, Pursue, the children and Caretaker are recording another unscripted TV drama and we’ve collaborated with an astonishing creation organization to do this,” she said. Savannah’s update comes after her sister, Lindsie Chrisley, additionally opposed the impending undertaking.

“[It’s] not exactly worth my time and furthermore not reasonable to individuals … they would archive about individuals who couldn’t possibly shield themselves if they would have to protect themselves,” Lindsie, 33, said of declining to show up. For fraud, Todd, 54, and Julie, 50, are both currently serving 19 years in prison. They are additionally during the time spent engaging their case.