‘Scandal’ Reunion! Find Out Why the Stars of the D.C. Soap’s Power Trio Came Back Together

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The Gladiators are uniting to support the strike by SAG-AFTRA. Kerry Washington posted a number of pictures on Friday of her reunion with her former Scandal co-stars Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn at the actors’ union office in New York, including a selfie with Goldwyn, 63, holding a sign that read, “What is creativity worth?” and herself, posing with a “Guild vs. Evil” poster.

She wrote on Instagram, “Volunteered with some fellow @sagaftra members that I LOVE today,” and she urged her followers to get involved as the labor strike continues. In addition, Washington, 46, uploaded a video to TikTok of the three of them volunteering to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.”

The former cast members demonstrate the significance of the strike in the clip by folding T-shirts, writing signs, and so on. Why are we striking? Washington, who played Olivia Pope, a political crisis manager, on the popular ABC drama, inquired.

Goldwyn, who portrayed President Fitzgerald Grant, Olivia’s lover on the show, responded: We are protesting to get a fair arrangement for all specialists in our industry who put such a great amount at risk and we’re simply requesting decency for one another.”

“For reasonableness and value thus we don’t get supplanted by PCs,” she expressed, alluding to the issue of purpose of A.I. in amusement. He continued, “Yeah, that also.” Youthful, who depicted First Woman Mellie Award, and Washington have recently shown their help of the Hang AFTRA strike via virtual entertainment.

Young posted a portion of his Instagram post on Tuesday that read, “I’ve been a proud @sagaftra #UnionMember since 1992.” I’m so thankful for my family and the protections that my union has given me. I’m proud to stand up for those protections so that they can keep this family strong as our industry shifts to a new way of thinking.

Recently, Washington shared, “I stand in fortitude with my kindred #SAGAftra individuals and we will battle together to ensure our voices are heard. # unionstrong @sagaftra” On July 13, Droop AFTRA President Fran Drescher abraded Hollywood chiefs in a discourse, declaring the association’s aim to strike after bombed agreement talks with the Collusion of Movie and TV Makers (AMPTP).

Drescher, 65, said in part during her passionate speech, “The entire business model has been changed by streaming, digital, and artificial intelligence.” A time of truth and history collide at this point. In the event that we don’t stand tall the present moment, we will be in a tough situation.” In front of the strike, individuals from Droop AFTRA had been looking for pay and leftover increments, higher covers on annuity and wellbeing commitments as well as directing the utilization of computerized reasoning, in addition to other things. Numerous Hollywood stars have since stirred things up around town lines to help the strike, including Mariska Hargitay, Hilary Duff, Francia Raisa, Bryan Cranston and Jason Sudeikis.