See photos of Kylie Jenner and ex-best friend Jordyn Woods reuniting for first time in years

Kylie Jenner and previous amigo Jordyn Woods appear to have put the previous behind them. We obtained photos showing the two of them enjoying sushi together in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Jenner shook an uneven high contrast top with dark pants and shades.

Woods likewise spruced up for the event, wearing a perfectly sized dress from her attire image, Woods by Jordyn. The ex-BFFs, both 25, showed up with a unidentified companion and security detail, who accompanied them to the eatery. Their supper gave off an impression of being a blissful one, as Woods was seen smiling while they strolled inside together.

A while later, both Jenner and Woods got into a similar vehicle prior to heading out. The former best friends, as reported by TMZ, have been reuniting in private for more than a year. Reps for Jenner and Woods didn’t quickly answer Page Six’s solicitation for input.

We reported that the model and the reality star’s close friendship seemed to end abruptly four years ago. After Woods kissed Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian’s on-and-off boyfriend, in February 2019, there was drama, which led to one of the breakups between the two of them. On “Red Table Talk” with Jada Pinkett Smith a month later, Woods admitted the kiss.

“It was a kiss on the lips, however no tongue kiss. No making out,” she said. I didn’t put myself in that position, so I don’t think he’s wrong either. At the point when liquor is involved, individuals take idiotic actions.” Following the episode, Page Six revealed that Woods — who had been residing with Jenner at that point — moved out of the cosmetics magnate’s home and back into her mom’s home.

We likewise only announced that the model had been endeavoring to connect at an opportunity to apologize with no achievement. According to the source, “Jordyn has been reaching out to Khloé and Kylie in an effort to make amends because she realized what she did was wrong.” She feels awful that she sold out individuals who were there for her more than her mom has [been].” Following her “Red Casual conversation” interview, the Great American prime supporter, 39, hammered Woods for supposedly being exploitative.

“For what reason are you lying @jordynwoods ??” At the time, Kardashian was tweeting. Assuming you will attempt to save yourself by opening up to the world, Rather than CALLING ME Secretly TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, basically speak the truth about your story. BTW, You ARE the explanation my family separated!”

Regardless of the blowup quite a while back, the source likewise told TMZ that Kardashian never constrained Jenner to end her companionship with Woods. That is what the founder of Kylie Cosmetics decided on her own. Nonetheless, apparently the injury has proactively started to recuperate.