Shakira dances salsa with a sandwich in her latest commercial

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Shakira doesn’t stop, not in any event, while she’s dozing. Once more the colombian diva sings the melody “Devórame otra vez,” in her support in a business for a potato chips has placed her at the center of attention.

She seems singing salsa and fans are glad with the melody promoted by Lalo Rodríguez all through the Caribbean and in salsa affected nations. The vocalist shows up at the El Royal residence lodging in Barcelona wearing a fantastic red dress. She goes dependent upon her room where a heavenly ham sandwich looks for her, which she’ll appreciate with some potato chips.

The vocalist performs a piece of the melody as well as hits the dance floor with a snappy Latin mood. A commendable delegate of Barranquilla, her old neighborhood where Caribbean music is moved capably.

The remarks didn’t take long to show up. Many accept that Shakira ought to record a tropical melody, investigating rhythms she hasn’t dug into in her broad discography.

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