Shakira-Lewis Hamilton relationship revealed: They know it’s nothing serious and there’s total freedom

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Reports have twirled as of late about the supposed issue among Shakira and driver Lewis Hamilton. They have been seen in different urban communities like Barcelona and London. Shakira was found in the Great Prix enclosure where Hamilton contended, and there were even reports of a behind the stage kiss at a UK occasion.

In any case, the main affirmed perspective is serious areas of strength for a between them. Jordi Martin, a columnist very much familiar with Shakira, as of late tried to explain the data flowing about the claimed ‘connection’ between the craftsman and the pilot.

“I might want to deny a data that has turned out in a Catalan paper, where they say that Hamilton is worn out on Shakira’s mentality,” Martin said.

“I can completely deny this data, since I have addressed Shakira’s escort and they affirm that among Shakira and Hamilton there has forever been a wonderful companionship. ” Furthermore, that, between them there has been more than kinship. The two knew obviously that there was nothing significant and that there was complete opportunity between them to do anything they desired.”

This explanation comes because of hypotheses that Hamilton was limiting any association with Shakira because of her supposed endeavor to affect envy in her ex-accomplice and father of her youngsters, Gerard Provoke.

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