Some Xbox Gamers Are Getting a Weird ‘What Do You Want to Do’ Message

Proprietors of different Xbox consoles have detailed an unusual bug that shows a “What is it that you need to do?” message and adjusts the message and UI on their dashboards. It’s not whenever a Xbox first control center has managed a conspicuous bug, however fortunately, this one’s innocuous.

The Xbox Series X and S are the most recent control center from Xbox. Altogether, they mark Xbox’s 10th era gaming consoles and have sold more than 21 million units as of July of this current year.

As detailed by Unadulterated Xbox, various players noticed an odd message on their home screens, asking them what they might want to do, giving them the choices to switch off their control center or regulator or restart their control center. All on-screen text is likewise supplanted by a weird, complement mark-ridden text style known as pseudo-loc, which is normally a placeholder for text that hasn’t yet been meant a player’s picked language or district. This bug eminently influences Xbox consoles across numerous ages, including the Series X and the Xbox One.

Luckily, this error shouldn’t influence anybody’s ongoing interaction or save information. Evidently, it is just present on the control center of players who are in the Xbox Insider Program, which permits them to try out new highlights and firmware refreshes before every other person. The bug is the consequence of another update that isn’t prepared for discharge however is being saw. In spite of it at last being innocuous, to battle this text misfire, Unadulterated Xbox prescribes detailing it to Microsoft through the control center’s “Report an Issue” highlight, in spite of the fact that quite possibly’s it’s as of now mindful of it.

No one’s perfect, and that incorporates computer game control center makers. It’s in no way enjoyable for any gamer when their #1 control center experiences an error of any sort, as they can go from minor bothers like this one, to save information eradicating disturbances, to try and reassure bricking bad dreams that occasionally can’t be cured. Fortunately, this bug is no “Red Ring of Death,” and it appears Xbox players will actually want to partake in their a tad longer, even without tidying up the text style.

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