Starfield Player Spends 180 Hours Collecting Succulents

A committed Starfield player posted a video of what it resembles to burn through 180 hours in the game gathering succulents. Starfield is a game that gives its players the opportunity to do nearly anything they need in its broad universe. Certain individuals invest their energy taking on awe-inspiring conflicts in space, while others go through hours gathering assets, checking planets, and meddling with NPCs.

Very much like different games from Bethesda, Starfield permits players to single out NPCs and have some good times cooperations with them. This incorporates listening in on their discussions, controlling them with specific powers and advantages in the game, or in any event, pulling their hair, because of the game’s physical science framework. Players can even pickpocket irregular NPCs in Starfield after they open the Burglary Expertise in the game. One more way that players can screw with NPCs is by taking the stuff on their work areas or in their rooms. Scratch pads, glass vials, cutlery, and other different things can be tracked down in Starfield’s universe, and players can stash anything they desire and store it on their boats.

One Reddit client named BigBootyTom posted a video on the Starfield subreddit of the multitude of succulents they’ve either taken from NPCs or found haphazardly while world-voyaging. The whole assortment required 180 hours to finish, and the outcome is diverting. The clasp gets going with the player descending into the freight narrows of their boat and arriving in a room loaded with succulents. The whole region is loaded with the little, pruned plants, making it hard to simply stroll around. Yet again the player then utilizes the Repulsive force Field ability to make the succulents float in the air prior to swimming through them. The small plants all accident to the floor right when Andreja moves down the last option, who reproves the player for utilizing their powers inside the boat.

The actual clasp is amusing, yet it additionally flaunts how noteworthy the physical science motor in the game can be, as well as the force of current equipment. The video gets a tad laggy on occasion, yet that will be normal with such countless things on screen. Truth be told, having this numerous things on the screen on the double is the reason Starfield is locked at 30 edges each second on Xbox Series X/S, as a higher casing would undoubtedly break the game in these circumstances.

In the remarks, other Starfield players referenced different things they like to gather, as analyst crackeddryice, who accomplishes something almost identical in the video yet with espresso sacks, and kamots22, who likes to gather squishy toys. Many individuals in the remarks additionally referenced that they like to take and gather bathroom tissue from NPCs.

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