Starfield Player Uses Last Digipick and Makes Heartbreaking Discovery

An appalling Starfield player spent their keep going digipick on a specialist level lock, just to observe that there was nothing inside. Bethesda games have highlighted lock picking frameworks for quite a long time, with each new game from the organization offering another interpretation of the idea. Starfield continues in the strides of Bethesda’s past games by highlighting a lock picking arrangement of its own, yet with a cutting edge turns that fits the game’s science fiction setting.

In Starfield, players can open chests, entryways, and really utilizing extraordinary digipick gadgets. Starfield digipicks start a short smaller than usual game that players need to finish to pick locks effectively. On the off chance that players have ability focuses put resources into the right regions, they can pick master level secures in Starfield, normally for more noteworthy prizes.

Tragically, this isn’t generally the situation, as was found by Reddit client Mr_Stimmers. They as of late shared a clasp on the Starfield Reddit showing their endeavor to open a weapon case with a specialist level lock. They prevailed with regards to picking the lock, yet when the case opened, there was nothing inside. All Mr_Stimmers got for their last digipick was a measly 15 XP, which isn’t anything at the end of the day. It’s hazy assuming Bethesda intentionally made a few cases with master locks void deliberately, yet this isn’t even whenever that this first has occurred.

Clients remarking on the post talked about their own encounters with this misfortune. Other Starfield players have shared their own clasps of effectively picking master locks just to see as nothing inside. On the off chance that this is a purposeful decision by Bethesda, it’s anything but a famous one, and assuming this is occurring because of a bug, most would agree that many fans might want to see it fixed. Bethesda hasn’t itemized what’s coming in the following Starfield update, yet fans can have confidence that more updates are on the way for the gigantic open world science fiction game.

Bethesda anticipates supporting Starfield for the long stretch, and that implies fans can expect more updates for the game into the indefinite future. These updates will keep crushing bugs in the game as they are found, however it is not yet clear in the event that they will carry out any extra personal satisfaction elements or roll out additional significant improvements in view of fan criticism. In any case, despite the fact that Starfield will without a doubt get extra updates, that doesn’t imply that any of them will resolve this issue with master level locks prompting void chests, so fans ought to remember that.

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