Teresa Giudice’s daughter Milania lost 40 pounds after ‘RHONJ’ star guilted her about food

Milania Giudice, the daughter of Teresa Giudice, said that she lost 40 pounds in two months while she was in middle school because her mother and sisters encouraged her to lose weight. “I weighed to such an extent. Milania, who is now 17 years old, spoke on Teresa’s “Namaste B$tches” podcast on Wednesday. “My heaviest was like 150, and then when I was done [losing weight], I was like 110,” she said.

“I was so thin after that. I literally resembled a stick. I was so thin on the grounds that I just worked out, yet I felt better.” Milania explained that while the “Genuine Housewives of New Jersey” star, 51, never expressly pushed her to work out or eat better, she got on unobtrusive clues. “My mom would — she never said anything to me — but she would say, “Oh, you’re gonna have another ice cream?”” she reviewed on the PodcastOne show.

The high schooler kidded that at that point, she would snap back at her mother and tell her, “‘I couldn’t care less assuming I’m fat!’ I would think, “If I’m fat, I’m fat.” Whatever. This is my life.’ She went on to say, “I’d be like, “Mom, don’t say anything to me.” “If I want another ice cream, I want another ice cream!” Milania’s three sisters, Gia, 22, Gabriella, 18, and Audriana, 13, were somewhat more immediate with their methodologies.

I was constantly the target of jabs from my sisters. Like, ‘Goodness, you will have one more frozen yogurt after supper?’ It wasn’t a problem because they would always hit me with little jabs. She stated that it was whatever. Nonetheless, Milania underlined that she pursued her own choice to get more fit one day, and “it recently clicked, and I did it.” Milania, who described herself as a “full-on pumpkin” when she was younger, said that she started her “glow-up” after “literally feeling suffocated in my own body.”

Following that, Teresa employed a nutritionist, who provided Milania with the “healthiest meals” three times per day. She likewise worked out two times per day: prior to school and later. “It happens to everyone. She elaborated, “You go through a glow-up in your life.” I had my sparkle up when I was hitting eighth grade, I’d say.” Milania shared that she eventually put some of the weight back on, but that she now feels “good” about her body. Teresa then reiterated that the teen was always “adorable” and “beautiful” to her.