‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Star on That Almost-Kiss Between Taylor and [Spoiler!]: ‘A Moment of Surrender’

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Will they or will they not? After Taylor (Rain Spencer) and Steven (Sean Kaufman) almost kissed in episode 5, fans of The Summer I Turned Pretty have a question. After Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) and Conrad’s (Christopher Briney) auntie Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) moved out the Fishers’ things from the mid year house toward the finish of episode 4, the whole posse went to the nation club to track down shelter in the accompanying episode. Brought together to find supplies, Steven and Taylor ended up having an almost heartfelt second in the deb dance hall.

Talking with Individuals on July 13, Spencer, 23, said the scene was a genuine “snapshot of give up” for her personality Taylor as she surrendered (once more) to her affections for the sibling of her closest companion Tummy (Lola Tung).

Spencer said, “I love that scene so much.” According to Jenny Han, she sheds tears each time she watches it. I feel the same way because I think the silence in that scene is the most powerful part. You can see a moment of surrender in the silence when Taylor finally places her head on his shoulder or chest while they are dancing. Her character experiences a truly beautiful moment in it. Taylor and Steven positively have a confounded history. In the first season, Taylor and Steven had a brief affair while he was still with Shayla (Minnie Mills), which severed the friendship between Taylor and Belly. Regardless of her previous oversights, Spencer noticed that Taylor has gone through a ton of development this season.

“Season 1 Taylor behaved like an adult, she was playing imagine, and in season 2, every one of the characters have really developed,” made sense of Spencer. ” Taylor is able to support Belly in a way that she might not have been able to in season one because she has grown up a little bit. Just making sure her best friend is okay and prioritizing Belly’s requirements.

Taylor has a special place in her heart for Belly and Steven. She has significant barriers to everyone else,” she continued. Obviously, she has walls up with Steven, yet she’s figuring out how to separate them, and I feel that is truly gorgeous that we get to see Taylor be there in the most effective way that she knows how and figure out how to be a superior companion.”

She added that while Taylor has “a great many protection components,” Steven can see directly through them. ” In the second season, Steven demonstrates to her that he knows who she is and that she cannot hide from him. Getting down on the deb assembly hall scene, she noticed how Steven had the option to identify that Taylor was lying about not needing her princess second. ” She stated, “She can’t even deny that.” Despite her best efforts to avoid him, she is unable to deny that he actually sees her because they have grown up together.

Spencer is able to make a strong case for why fans should give Taylor and Steven a chance, despite the fact that fans were sad to see Steven and Shayla’s relationship end after Mills left the show after season one.

“I love Minnie and I pull for [Shayla and Steven] as well,” she certified. ” The fact that Steven and Taylor did grow up together is a beautiful thing. Although she did not admit it, Taylor was in love with Steven throughout every phase of his life—dorky phases, weird phases, and annoying phases.

She continued, “I think Steven can really see how much Taylor has matured in season two, and I think that’s part of the reason Steven root for Conrad because Steven is rooting for Steven.” Since both Taylor and Steven don’t have a huge presence in the books, Spencer shared that Han provided them unique guidance for their characters, explicitly that “Conrad is to Stomach what Steven is to Taylor.”

Spencer stated, “It’s that kind of unrequited love that is just unconditional and probably won’t go away.” I believe that more than anything else, Belly comprehends that.