Vinny Guadagnino Is ‘Happy’ About Gabby Windey’s New Girlfriend

Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore may have had some feelings for Gabby Windey of The Bachelorette after they met on Dancing with the Stars, but he has nothing but support for Windey in her new relationship. Tuesday, 32-year-old Windey revealed that she has been dating TV writer and comedian Robby Hoffman.

“I’m only glad for her,” Guadagnino, 35, told Individuals Wednesday at the season 7 debut of Jersey Shore: Family Get-away. ” She’s truly cool.” In December, Windey referred to a sentiment with Guadagnino as “a chance.” Come April, she depicted what they had as “sort of a thing” conceded they’d in any case been talking.
“He was like, sliding into my DMs recently and I’m like, we’re past that,” Windey said on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Plant digital broadcast. ” I’m like, ‘Would you say you are playing with me?’ What’s more, he’s like, ‘Um, better believe it. Presently I’m apprehensive.’ “Just tell me you like me,” I said. Also, he was like, ‘I like you.'”

Guadagnino explained that he and Windey “won’t ever date.”

“It was only gossip off of, similar to, two Instagram emoticons,” he told Individuals at New York City’s Hard Rock Lodging. Windey shared the report about her new relationship on The View on Tuesday.

“I in every case simply need to experience my reality, and my story,” Windey said. ” Thus I have been seeing somebody several months, and I’ve been keeping it somewhat more hidden in light of the fact that it resembles a greater story and a greater discussion, since I’m dating a young lady!”

The View co-have Radiant Hostin said she “didn’t see that curve coming.”

“I don’t figure anybody did,” Windey said. ” Actually no, not even me.” That’s what windey felt, after watchers watched her date 32 men on The Lone wolfess close by co-lead Rachel Recchia, she believed everybody should know reality with regards to her life today.

“Realizing how much individuals truly care, I simply need frankly,” Windey said. ” I would dislike, live and not be experiencing my full truth. I don’t want to harm myself in that way. I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend in that way. I don’t want to do it to other people who really know me and care about me.

Satisfaction Behar inquired as to whether she just designs to date young ladies going ahead.

Windey said, “I think so. ” I believe it’s simply my young lady … she’s awesome.” Windey likewise posted a merry go round of photographs with her better half on Instagram Tuesday. ” I told you I was a girl! She gave the post a caption.

The truth star got support from GLAAD, the world’s biggest Lesbian, Gay, Sexually open, Transsexual and Strange (LGBTQ) media backing association.

“As one of the present most apparent reality stars from The Unhitched male and The Single girl, Gabby Windey’s choice to keep on imparting her confidential life to the general population as a strange lady is a vital wake up call to individuals, including the a large number who watch the establishment, that there are no guidelines for emerging and that everybody’s process is unique,” GLAAD’s VP of Correspondences and Ability, Anthony Allen Ramos said in a proclamation. ” This ought to likewise be a significant wake up call to the business that LGBTQ individuals have a spot in standard dating and relationship shows and that we should be incorporated.”